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For nearly two decades Skunk Global Media has been committed to teaching organic cannabis growing practices with our beloved cultivation editor and guru, The Rev, and his style of growing, True Living Organics. Skunk Global Media believes that organic growing practices will become the norm rather than the exception in the global cannabis community. Skunk is devoted to protecting Mother Earth, her waterways, soils, and global community. We are on a mission to promote sustainability as the heart of the best cannabis growing practices. The results are in. Skunk’s fellowship of growers, contributors and authors have long proven that organic cultivation practices yield healthier plants, higher quality flower, more sophisticated terpene profiles, greater poundage, and richly successful crops to serve the health needs of our global community. Skunk is passionate about sharing  the data, scientific knowledge, practical techniques and sustainable values to assist every cannabis grower, whether indoor or outdoor, private or commercial.

Featured Organic Growing Articles

True Living Organics Gardens are Happy Gardens

True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Letters to Rev – Cloning Cannabis Plants

cannabis world news organic growing photo of moon in various cycles

Moonspired: May-Be

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cannabis world news how to grow indoor cannabis plant
Growing with Intention

In the ever-evolving symbioses of agricultural techniques, regenerative farming emerges not just as a practice but…

Support Your Local Plants
Support Your Local Plants

Today’s title of Support Your Local Plants is literal. It’s about plant support and stem…

marijuana flower for 'Understanding Cannabis Labels' article
Translating Cannabis Labels

Have you ever wondered what the genetic nomenclature of your seeds is? What do those…

Living Soil, Nutrients & Amendments

Visit Our Living Soil, Nutrients & Amendments Page
True Living Organics Gardens are Happy Gardens
True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide

Welcome-welcome, my green amigos! My newest (3rd) book, True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide, should…

Compost Tumbler
Three Reasons You Want a Compost Tumbler

All hail the compost tumbler! Greetings, my green friends. You know… I mention the phrase…

Indoor Growing Skills
Letters to Rev – Indoor Growing Skills

Hey-hey-hey my esteemed homeskillets… Today’s Letters to Rev is all about indoor growing skills, and…

TLO indoor growing with DE
TLO Indoor Growing with DE

Howdy, my esteemed homeskillets! In today’s article, TLO indoor growing with DE (Diatomaceous Earth), I’ll…

Indoor Cannabis, Bugs, and Mold Oh My!

Today’s article is about (duh) indoor cannabis bugs and mold… Oh my! But I wanted…

Creating Seasons Growing Indoors

My inspiration for writing this article, creating seasons growing indoors, was an email I received.…

Outdoor Growing Problems
Letters to Rev – Outdoor Growing Problems

Greetings earthlings. Welcome to another edition of Letters to Rev. Outdoor growing problems are today’s…

cannabis world news organic growing pests disease magnified cannabis plant tip
Beyond Biodiversity: Growth-Defense Tradeoff

When describing a holistic approach to integrated pest management, I use this concept called the…

cannabis world news organic growing pests disease large cannabis plant with buds against a black background
Powdery Mildew & Botrytis – Bud Rot Prevention, Identification and Treatment

Mold and mildew negatively affect many kinds of wild and cultivated plants. Powdery mildew (PM)…

Drying, Curing & Storing

Visit Our Drying, Curing & Storing Page
Enhancing Smells and Flavors Growing Cannabis in Containers
Letters to Rev – Enhancing Smells and Flavors

Welcome to Letters to Rev, everyone. Just a little Q&A with yours truly, and today’s…

cannabis world news organic growing harvesting drying storing bagged cannabis for freezing
Harvesting for Fresh Frozen

The hash community has experienced a major shift in its harvest methodologies in recent years.…

Too Humid to Dry Cannabis Solution
Too Humid to Dry Cannabis

I know that it being too humid to dry cannabis is not a problem we…

Seeds, Strains, Genetics & Breeding

Visit Our Seeds, Strains, Genetics & Breeding Page
cannabis world news seeds strains genetic breeding Donitz Triploid cannabis plant
Triploid Breeding: An Interview with Benjamin Lind, Co-founder & Chief Science Officer, Humboldt Seed Company

Since cannabis has become a state-legal commodity in much of America, cannabis breeding has developed…

cannabis world news Seeds, Strains, Genetics Breeding zest mints bulletproof strain plant and weed package
Bulletproof Genetics: Ryan Gageby Continues the Legacy of Eddie Hansman, the late Michigan Breeder

Vivian McPeak: How and when did you get interested in cannabis genetics?  Ryan Gageby: It was…

The Germination Game
Letters to Rev –The Germination Game

Welcome to The Germination Game baybee! A few Q&As, all revolving around cannabis seed germination,…

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