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cannabis world news seeds strains genetic breeding Donitz Triploid cannabis plant
Triploid Breeding: An Interview with Benjamin Lind, Co-founder & Chief Science Officer, Humboldt Seed Company

Since cannabis has become a state-legal commodity in much of America, cannabis breeding has developed…

cannabis world news Seeds, Strains, Genetics Breeding zest mints bulletproof strain plant and weed package
Bulletproof Genetics: Ryan Gageby Continues the Legacy of Eddie Hansman, the late Michigan Breeder

Vivian McPeak: How and when did you get interested in cannabis genetics?  Ryan Gageby: It was…

The Germination Game
Letters to Rev –The Germination Game

Welcome to The Germination Game baybee! A few Q&As, all revolving around cannabis seed germination,…

Time Saving Breeding Moves
Breeder’s Corner – Time Saving Breeding Moves

Welcome today, Earthlings. Time saving breeding moves is exactly what it sounds like it is.…

Home Grown Cannabis Breeding
Letters to Rev – Home Grown Cannabis Breeding

Home grown cannabis breeding indeed! Starting off with the tricky biz of going from f2…

What Strain Should I grow?
What Strain Should I Grow?

Hey there, hi there, ho there, Skunkers! Today we are going to address a question…

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