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Too Humid to Dry Cannabis

Too Humid to Dry Cannabis

Too Humid to Dry Cannabis Solution

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I know that it being too humid to dry cannabis is not a problem we all share. However, here in the pacific northwest (PNW), it can be a thing. Of course, you could just use a drying room with a dehumidifier or heater. But that’s not always doable. Sealing up your herbs before they are completely dry is a mistake, a big one. It can rob you of potency, smells, and flavors. I used to try and call it perfectly and I was usually on the mark. However, a few times a year I would make that mistake and somewhat bone my sealed-up herbs.

Depending on what season I am in, it takes me around 30 days to fully dry a 3-foot plant of buds. Sometimes a little longer. Back in San Diego it could be done usually within 2 weeks. But here in the PNW, during the fall and winter months it can be down right wet. 100% humidity isn’t uncommon at all. I tried a new twist here lately regarding drying my herbs, and I am loving the results. I want to share that with you all today; the methodology and philosophy.  

Too Humid to Dry Cannabis Doesn’t Matter

Too Humid to Dry Cannabis
Not Drying Cannabis Properly Before Sealing is Often Disastrous for Terpenes

Because I am pulling air through my grow rooms all the time, I get a pretty good influx of fresh air in my house; I passively use my house as my air intake for my grow rooms. Drying cannabis properly is such a huge big deal too. Recently while trying to correct my situation, just for the hell of it, I broke out my girl’s food dehydrator.

For about the last couple of years I have been “mummy” drying my herbs. Getting them uber dry for storage in jars. Then I just break out smaller amounts at a time, and that works excellent I have to say. Once the herbs are out in the (PNW) air for 30 minutes or so, they semi-rehydrate to perfect smoking moisture levels; in my opinion. Too wet and smoke is harsh, too dry and the smoke is hot. This was the perfect way for me, until now. Using this dehydrator has opened my eyes big to drying cannabis properly, with added bennies. Lemme ‘splain…

You need to let plants hang and slowly dry for at least 2 weeks in my experience. This allows the buds to properly process the resin. Now with the dehydrator step, I just let my plants hang 2 weeks, then boom. But wait, there’s more, not just perfectly dried for storage. The dehydrator does even more.

Get Buds Down to Smaller Sized Nuggets First
Get Buds Down to Smaller Sized Nuggets First

Using the Dehydrator for Drying Cannabis Properly

You need to trim down your buds to a fairly smaller size overall, using the type of dehydrator I used. You also need to leave some space between buds on every level. My dehydrator has 8 potential stacked levels. Each level holes about 1 ounce of buds. Let me rundown the process…

Arrange Buds Allowing Some Space to Remain per Tray
Arrange Buds Allowing Some Space to Remain per Tray
  • Set the dehydrator on 95 degrees f.
  • You can let each tray sit right on top of the buds in the tray below, don’t worry about it.
  • Set the timer for 1.5 hours at 95 degrees and let her run.
  • When the time has passed give each tray a slight twist before lifting it, as sticky buds will be sticky buds heh heh.
  • Place buds into jars directly from the dehydrator, so they are still warm when the jar is sealed.

The 95 degrees and total removal of moisture really kicked my buds up a whole notch that I noticed right away. The terpenes (smells and flavors) were changed from killer to stupendous! I swear, the buds end up even more potent somehow. It’s amazing really. Try this out and see for yourselves.


My Preferred Storage Method Using Air-Tight Insulated Coolers
My Preferred Storage Method Using Air-Tight Insulated Coolers

Even if it isn’t too humid to dry cannabis fully at your drying location, give this methodology a shot with a smaller amount of your herbs; especially if you already have a dehydrator. We got ours for about $80.00, so the cost won’t break the bank. I am just so impressed with this dynamic, I really wanted to share it with all of you.

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I like storing my jars of cannabis in insulated, air-tight coolers. Coolers placed in the coolest part of the house. A basement would be the bomber for sure, but I don’t happen to have one of those. That 1.5 hours of dry heat before the sealing up does some serious magic to your buds, like yowza!

Check out another article by yours truly if you like: Letters to Rev – The Rev’s Personals. Also make sure to swing by KOS and grab some killer cannabis seeds to explore new adventures with. I’m outty for now amigos, see ya all back here next Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed today’s article, seriously try this, I am fairly wowed by it. L8r G8rs…

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