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True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide

True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide

True Living Organics Gardens are Happy Gardens

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Welcome-welcome, my green amigos! My newest (3rd) book, True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide, should be out here within the next couple of months or so. I’m very excited to bring you all this newest edition of my True Living Organics (TLO) cannabis growing guide for living soil Recycling your soil and building supernatural soil mixes your cannabis plants will love. This book is, in my estimation, the proverbial “third pancake” heh heh.

New TLO Cannabis Growing Guide Using Living Soil
New TLO Cannabis Growing Guide Using Living Soil

In the new book I basically wrote down everything I know about TLO growing up to this point in time. One of the big huge realities about your garden, is that it is unique, like every other garden is. Environments differ greatly, water sources vary a lot, and growers will have different natural resources and availability to things. So, it’s not like a one size fits all kind of thing. In the new book I give you all massive options. With many example set-ups to run depending on your particular growing situation.

Pure Water Products’ Dual Garden Hose Filter Using 2 Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
Pure Water Products’ Dual Garden Hose Filter Using 2 Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Essential True Living Organics Tools

In the photo above you can see the water filtration unit I have been using for 15 years for removing chlorine (monochloramine) from my city tap water. You quite simply cannot grow well in living soil using chlorinated water, period. The water filter units aren’t spendy. The filter cartridges last me a year; and they are also inexpensive to replace. If your water is chlorinated, you’ll want one of these types of filter units. The new chlorine in water called monochloramine cannot simply be bubbled out of your water. Nor can it be boiled or frozen out. You need (dual) carbon filtering.

You will also want at least one digital TDS (totally dissolved solids/salts) meter to stay on top of your PPM (parts per million) values in your plant water. Again, these aren’t expensive and are worth their weight in gold for growing in living soil, because consistency is the name of the game when it comes to keeping all the life in your growing containers happy, including your plants, and then your uber happiness with the results—Shazam!

TLO Style Results in Tip Top Shelf Product that is Elegant to Smoke
TLO Style Results in Tip Top Shelf Product that is Elegant to Smoke

TLO Druid’s Guide is a Buffet

As I mentioned prior, the True Living Organics philosophy is highly adaptable to whatever your situation may be. The book is a whole shit-ton (Texas measurement LoL) of options. Use what you want and can easily do and leave the rest. You certainly wouldn’t need to use all the different growing dynamics in the book, you customize it for you. I give you many examples of very different types of TLO gardens using different sources and styles … Yup, there’s even an Apartment Style.

Candyman Haze
A Couple of Grow Tents Indoors Using TLO Will Yield Huge Happiness

I show you how to use a freshwater aquarium correctly so it can be your primary nutrient source throughout your grow. I have replaced that whole organic tea nutrient dynamic with The Churn. The Churn is a sort of perpetual tea and is the main powerhouse in my gardens for nutrient supply. There is a ton of stuff to learn in this new book, seriously, but the beauty is you can take on whatever part of it you want to first, and ease yourself in. You don’t need a ton of growing knowledge; you just need to trust the things I advise you about to be true—try it my way and you will see the light.

True Living Organics – Beyond Cannabis

Converting to an actual living organic growing style will help you in many ways beyond all the top shelf smoke you will be producing, yes-yes-yes

A Small Snap Pea Container Garden Growing with Recycled TLO Living Soil
A Small Snap Pea Container Garden Growing with Recycled TLO Living Soil

As you recycle your soil, your overall soil volume will grow, and having this extra wicked soil can add some serious magic to your container veggies, or just use the soil as a top layer soil in your outdoors gardens and just watch what happens!

TLO Recycled Used Soil with Composting Materials Added Ends Up as Black Gold Full of Life and Nutrients
TLO Recycled Used Soil with Composting Materials Added Ends Up as Black Gold Full of Life and Nutrients

A compost tumbler is indeed a beautiful thing to have in TLO. It also recycles soil/composts super-fast in all day sunshine—like in 20 days—but even in some sunshine it still will fully compost whatever in about 30 days. This method is almost totally smell-free due to the high amounts of air present during the tumbler process. I show you all about how to roll with or without compost tumblers. From the simplest starting TLO methods to fairly involved methods, you choose; like I said, it’s a “buffet” baybee 😉

I Wish I could Share a Doobie with All of You

Right off the top of my head I can think of several TLO converts I made here locally over the years simply by turning them on to some of the final TLO grown product—yup, it is that stand-above-the-rest quality. I have occasionally come across it’s equal from highly skilled all natural cannabis growers, but never anything better; and I do mean, occasionally, sadly. But, I’m here to help change that.

A Lot of Cannabis Flowers Can Look Good But Smoking Quality is Where the Rubber Meets the Road
A Lot of Cannabis Flowers Can Look Good But Smoking Quality is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

One of the big secrets of TLO grown cannabis is actually what’s not in it. Another facet to that secret is you, as a HUMAN grower, not reacting to things, like potential growing issues. The truth is, even if you were to correctly ID an issue, like say calcium. Adding calcium is the worst thing you could do 99.99% of the time when growing all naturally—full stop. In addition, the reality is every single nutrient matters, a lot. By the time you see evidence of an issue, that’s likely not the real underlying issue. TLO soil, when build per my advice, will lack nothing nutrient-wise. You will not experience nutrient deficiencies, as long as you don’t add too many/much or use any “secret liquids” like Superthrive or whatever. Very bad … 99% of any liquid additions are wrong when using living soil and leveraging its true power! As a Druid, you will understand exactly why.

Grab A Copy of The Druid’s Guide (TLO) on Amazon Very Soon

Revski 2023 Part Druid Part Magoo
Revski 2023 Part Druid Part Magoo

If you are still growing “on the bottles” please give my methods a real try. It’s easy to do right alongside your other container plants, just do a few TLO style, choose one of the easy methods, and then you compare… Prepare to be blown away. Grab the book, and you can also tune into/subscribe to my YouTube channel: Rev’s YouTube Channel and check out a series I am about to start. It will delve into some of the more nuanced facets of TLO growing here starting in another month or so. Haven’t been there in a bit, but I will be—wiggling eyebrows.

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I really appreciate the support from all you good peeps that buy the book. It was a lot—like a lot-lot—of work. I think it brings in a wealth of knowledge for those of you that really want to see what cannabis can be in it’s true top-shelf form. Whenever peeps hand you some herb and say “it’s the best weeds ever” you can reply, “compared to what?” Heh heh, I do that all the time—LoL.


True Living Organics Grown and Bred

You may want to grab yourselves some all TLO grown and bred cannabis seeds of excellent quality that will naturally boom in your TLO living soil. Stop by Kingdom Organic Seeds (KOS) and grab yourselves up some beauties. I recommend, if you have some skills, try out the G13 Haze and if your skills are anywhere from newbie to Druid, maybe try one of my favorite for high type, along with LARGE yields and resin drenched buds, the Candyman Haze is a winner you will love! Also check out the Gamblers Section over at KOS while you are there for some extra good deals.

Kingdom Organic Seeds
Candyman Haze f4 seeds

Alrightythen, my friends, I’ll be back for another article here soon, I hope all your harvest dreams are coming true this year for my outdoor brethren. Rough end of summer here for cannabis growing outdoors, very-very wet nights and mornings and it’s only a matter of time before the mornings get cool enough to really summon the molds and mildews.

The Rev

Here’s another cool article by yours truly for your perusing: Weird Cannabis Issues with Rev. Okay, be kind, and be wise in the ways of supernatural growing in living soil and grab my book here shortly on Amazon. True Living Organics the Druid’s Edition, keep your mind open, and trust the guy a bit that has been growing cannabis for a half a century. You have nothing to lose and so very much to gain. L8r G8rs…

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