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Skunk Global Media began 17 years ago as Skunk Magazine, an international cannabis publication devoted to teaching sustainable, organic growing practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world. Through nearly two decades, and around the planet, we’ve taught millions of people how to grow organically at home. To this day, Skunk has evolved as a social platform for marijuana culture whether you are a consumer, grower, newly emerging business or established industry leader.  Our contributors are the finest authors, growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists in the global cannabis movement.  As an established global media platform, Skunk proudly stands in solidarity with a united cannabis culture of millions of people around the planet, protecting our shared vision of health, sustainability, and social equity. Across every nation and every people we share a powerful vision to end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Welcome, friends…and thank you.

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Organic Growing News

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Indoor Growing Skills

Letters to Rev – Indoor Growing Skills

Hey-hey-hey my esteemed homeskillets… Today’s Letters to Rev is all about indoor growing skills, and…

Consumer Education News

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marijuana consumer education strain reports Greenshock Ultimate Indica plant top
Strain Report: Greenshock Ultimate Indica

Strain Name: Greenshock Ultimate Indica. Breeder: Mark Greyshock. Height: Short and Stout indica capable of…

marijuana consumer education strain reports purple top of cannabis plant strain 65 Impala
Strain Report: 65 Impala

Name: 65 Impala. Nationality: Verified Genetics. Lineage: Bumble Kat x SSSC M39. Location: Indoor, Outdoor,…

marijuana consumer education strain reports sour Afghan cannabis plant
Strain Report: Sour Afghan

Breeder: Daniel Morford at Heartrock Mountain Farm. Height: 7’ -8’ high and bushy with large…

Industry & Business News

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marijuana interviews Berner
Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 3: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews Berner

Snoop. Wiz. Berner. B-Real. In addition to being global icons and leaders of industry at…

New Industry Trend: The First Automated Cannabis Vending Machine Opens in Colorado

Everyone must make the rounds each day or week to stock up on essentials such…

Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 2: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews B-Real

We feel supremely blessed and honored to have the incredible B-Real gives us a moment…

Health & Wellness News

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It’s a Whole New World When Michael Backes is Your #Morpheus

Blue Pill vs. Red Pill. Fans of the blockbuster film franchise, The Matrix, know this…

Tune Up and Tune In! How the Vibrational Frequencies of Cannabis Keep Us In-Tune with Our Higher Self

Have you ever pondered how and why cannabis has an effect on you, be it…

Moonspired: Midwinter Highlights

The February full moon shines tonight and shines a light into this season. Now is…

Legalization News

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Will Malta’s Cannabis Club Model Be Adopted by Germany and Spain?

In many ways, the European continent seems like it is on the cusp of hitting…

France Council Proposes Cannabis Legalization to Boost Public Health

France is one of the most popular places for cannabis consumption on the entire planet,…

Report: German Health Minister Confirms Timetable For Cannabis Legalization

Over the weekend a potentially significant report surfaced regarding cannabis legalization in Germany. To quickly…

Lifestyle & Culture News

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The Montana Cannabis Tour with the Traveling Cannabis Writer: 4/20/23

The United States of America wasn’t always states and wasn’t always united. Many of our…

Moonspired: Carnival

The phases of the moon mean a lot of things to a lot of people.…

Ladybug on cannabis leaf
Regenerative Community and Culture

To regenerate is to give new life and energy, to revitalize, understand, and renew an…

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