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Seeding and Healing the Planet

Skunk Global Media began 17 years ago as Skunk Magazine, an international cannabis publication devoted to teaching sustainable, organic growing practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world. Through nearly two decades, and around the planet, we’ve taught millions of people how to grow organically at home. To this day, Skunk has evolved as a social platform for marijuana culture whether you are a consumer, grower, newly emerging business or established industry leader.  Our contributors are the finest authors, growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists in the global cannabis movement.  As an established global media platform, Skunk proudly stands in solidarity with a united cannabis culture of millions of people around the planet, protecting our shared vision of health, sustainability, and social equity. Across every nation and every people we share a powerful vision to end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Welcome, friends…and thank you.

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Organic Growing News

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Cannabis world news organic growing people in garden

Pioneering Sustainability: The Amazing Doctor Zymes, Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Solutions

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cannabis world news organic growing hydroponic watering system displayed outdoors, on grass
Revolutionizing Hydroponics
cannabis world news organic cultivation image of crystal ladened cannabis plant tops
Nelson & Company Organics

Consumer Education News

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Strain Review: Punch Pie Royal Queen Seeds X Tyson20

What do you get when you combine two greats? A champion, of course. Introducing Punch…

cannabis world news strain reports image of crystal laden bud
Strain Report: Dirty Sangria

Strain Name: Dirty Sangria Breeder: Dirty Bird Genetics Genetics: Spanish Moon x Dirty Mimosa “White…

cannabis world news product reviews and promos cannabis plant
40 Tons Brand Goes National in Partnership with Minny Grown

40 Tons Brand Goes National in Partnership with Minny Grown “This launch is not just…

Industry & Business News

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cannabis world news interviews image of cannabis bud
Five Succinct Questions for Lily Sogard of The Cannabist Company

Medical Cannabis, presently, is a rarity in New Jersey. Just across the river in NY,…

cannabis world news industry business interviews
A Touch Base In Five Questions: Alex Pasternack of Binske

I’ve been a big fan of Alex Pasternack pretty much since he got into business…

cannabis world news woman taking dab hit at table of judges
2024 Southern Oregon Seed Swap & Hash Bash

2024 Southern Oregon Spring Seed Swap & Hash Competition As spring blossoms in Southern Oregon,…

Health & Wellness News

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Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome THC Molecule
Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Wait, What?

Greetings to all of you out there. What the hell is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS),…

cannabis world news health wellness small table outdoors with products such as tincture and oil
Created for Healing, with a Holistic Approach: Business Owner Ellise N. Johnson Talks About Her Multiple Businesses and Healing with Plants Through Higher Maintenance CBD

Research shows that historically, “healing with medicinal plants is as old as mankind itself. The…

cannabis world news health wellness Buddha statue between budding outdoor pot plants
Zen Water Ballet

Enjoying Cannabis in my favorite environment. A couple of nice long full-bodied tokes off the…

Legalization News

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cannabis world news international laws
European Legalization Will Look Different Than Reformed Policies In North America

Europe is the most exciting place for cannabis policy reform right now, with several countries…

cannabis world news top of cannabis plant
NORML Activist to Meet with Vice President to Discuss Federal Cannabis Policies

Regional NORML Coordinator Chris Goldstein, along with two other Presidential marijuana pardon recipients, will be attending a…

cannabis world news legalization green image of rippled fingers of a cannabis plant leaf
House Panel Votes to Ease Federal Hiring Restrictions for Americans with a History of Cannabis Use 

A United States House of Representatives panel voted in favor of eliminating barriers preventing the…

Lifestyle & Culture News

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Artist Spotlight: Dellene Peralta

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the legendary OG in the art…

cannabis world news arts and culture image of colorful glass pipe
Artist Spotlight: Sarah Krunk

Sarah Krunk is a remarkable human who has left an indelible mark in the world…

cannabis world news Jack Herer holding a burning joint
The Jack Herer Legacy Continues

Today is Dan Herer’s birthday. He is the son of Jack Herer and the one…

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