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Skunk Global Media began 17 years ago as Skunk Magazine, an international cannabis publication devoted to teaching sustainable, organic growing practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world. Through nearly two decades, and around the planet, we’ve taught millions of people how to grow organically at home. To this day, Skunk has evolved as a social platform for marijuana culture whether you are a consumer, grower, newly emerging business or established industry leader.  Our contributors are the finest authors, growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists in the global cannabis movement.  As an established global media platform, Skunk proudly stands in solidarity with a united cannabis culture of millions of people around the planet, protecting our shared vision of health, sustainability, and social equity. Across every nation and every people we share a powerful vision to end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Welcome, friends…and thank you.

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Growing Cannabis and Using Meters

Growing Cannabis and Using Meters

True Living Organics Gardens are Happy Gardens

True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide

cannabis world news health wellness Buddha statue between budding outdoor pot plants

Zen Water Ballet

MOONSPIRED: Summertime

Organic Growing News

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Growing Cannabis and Using Meters

Growing Cannabis and Using Meters

:Gold Header Adreserve your ad here Howdy everyone. The outdoor season is coming to a…

True Living Organics Gardens are Happy Gardens
True Living Organics the Druid’s Guide
Cloning Cannabis Plants
Letters to Rev – Cloning Cannabis Plants

Consumer Education News

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cannabis world news strain reports image of crystal laden bud
Strain Report: Bath Bomb Boogie

Strain Name: Bath Bomb Boogie Breeder: PSGX.WORLD Height: Medium minimal stretch Weight (yield): This be…

cannabis world news product reviews and promos jar of rosin
Mountain Select Brings Thumbprints from California to The Mile High City

The Real Cannabis Chris out of California pioneered the “thumbprint” – a center of jam…

cannabis world news promos strain reports grow house with field of cannabis plants
Humboldt Seed Company Perfects Blueberry Pancakes Recipe – The Making of a Novel Strain

Blueberry Pancakes is a sibling of our cult classic Blueberry Muffin, beloved for its uncanny…

Industry & Business News

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cannabis world news industry and business man tending vegetables in garden wearing Biobizz shirtg
Nurturing Sustainable Growing: The Biobizz Approach

Maintaining healthy growing practices Growing and cultivation are fundamental practices that contribute to the sustainability…

cannabis world news interviews photo of Justin Quintal holding large orange fish on boat
Getting Gnarly: Five Questions with Pro-Surfer/Cannabis Advocate Justin Quintal

As a world-renowned surfing longboarder, Quintal is the first surfer officially sponsored by a cannabis…

cannabis world news industry and business image of two green buds of smokable cannabis
California Artisanal and Connoisseur Cannabis: From Nishant Reddy-A Golden State

I’ve been a huge fan of the exceptionally fine flowers grown with love and attention…

Health & Wellness News

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cannabis world news health wellness Buddha statue between budding outdoor pot plants
Zen Water Ballet

Enjoying Cannabis in my favorite environment. A couple of nice long full-bodied tokes off the…

cannabis world news medicine image of FloraWorks Vials
Digging Deeper with Alleh Lindquist, CEO of FloraWorks

I’m fascinated by the medical and homeopathic applications of cannabis and cannabinoids. Although I may…

MOONSPIRED: Summertime

The June new moon tonight arrives practically on the cusp of the summer solstice, the…

Legalization News

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cannabis world news legalization green image of rippled fingers of a cannabis plant leaf
House Panel Votes to Ease Federal Hiring Restrictions for Americans with a History of Cannabis Use 

A United States House of Representatives panel voted in favor of eliminating barriers preventing the…

cannabis world news legalization smiling woman holds rolled joint above rolling tray of weed
Time for Stoner Celebration? In Historic Move, Biden Administration Recommends Switching Cannabis to Schedule 3

While cannabis may be something that SKUNK readers feel very passionately about, it is still…

cannabis world news international law photo of government presentation room with rows of empty seats
Germany’s Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Plan Is Leaked, Again

If you have spent a considerable amount of time in politics, you know that a…

Lifestyle & Culture News

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cannabis world news lifestyle culture full spread of food (pasta dish, cheese, grapes, other snacks), a joint in ashtray, pipe loaded with herb on natural wood table
Cannabis Pesto Pappardelle Pasta

“Pass me the cheese?” Rachel asks as she exhales and smoke drifts upwards into the…

cannabis world news culture lifestyle image of white cannabis hand grinder
MMJGRIND and HEAVY METAL Cannabis… Perfect Synergy

I want to talk to you about tools and later some really intriguing cannabis from…

The Montana Cannabis Tour with the Traveling Cannabis Writer: 4/20/23

The United States of America wasn’t always states and wasn’t always united. Many of our…

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