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A Sojourn into Coffee and Cannabis Paradise

A Sojourn into Coffee and Cannabis Paradise

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Close your eyes and imagine this: You’re walking through a hidden garden, a secret oasis tucked away in the heart of Oakland, California. As you step inside, an enchanting world unfolds before your eyes, and you are instantly transported to a realm of pure bliss. The air is thick with the mesmerizing blend of freshly brewed coffee and the earthy, alluring scent of cannabis, rich with the tantalizing aroma of terpenes. You’ve just embarked on a journey to coffee and cannabis heaven.

Your entrance into this magical place is accompanied by a gracious gift—a goody bag filled with promises of delightful surprises. But before diving into this treasure trove, a friendly voice guides you to a feast that’s too tempting to resist. Chicken wings and donuts are laid out, and you’re encouraged to indulge before they disappear. The atmosphere is one of anticipation and camaraderie, a prelude to an extraordinary experience that awaits.

With a satisfied appetite, you make your way to explore the heart of the event—the selection of pre-rolls, each holding the promise of a unique journey. Sweet Skunk, Durban Poison, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Lemon Vuitton. Among them, one name shines like a beacon: The Lemon Vuitton description beckons you, promising uplifting effects and gassy terpenes that pique your curiosity.

As you select the pre-roll of your preference, a sense of excitement fills your being. You’re about to embark on a dreamlike adventure, guided by the harmonious fusion of cannabis and coffee, set against the backdrop of this secret garden haven.

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In the heart of the Golden State’s cannabis culture, a unique and delightful event recently took place that combined the worlds of cannabis, coffee, and tea in an enchanting urban garden setting. I was among the fortunate attendees who had the pleasure of indulging in this exceptional experience.

The event, aptly named the “High on Flavor, Cannabis, Coffee, and Tea Pairing Experience,” was hosted at a stunning secret urban garden location in Oakland, CA. Attendees were treated to an array of complimentary delights that tantalized their taste buds and stimulated their senses.

The ticket granted access to a beverage wonderland that included pour overs, hot tea, cold brew, iced tea, and cannabis, all provided on a complimentary basis. Coffee enthusiasts could savor specialty coffee drinks like lattes, mochas, and flat whites, while cannabis connoisseurs had the opportunity to explore various strains and products.

To complement the delightful beverages, an assortment of donuts and chicken wings were served, setting the mood for brunch vibes and ensuring that no craving went unsatisfied.

As if the beverages and snacks weren’t enough, every attendee received a generous gift bag. This bag included Landrace Origins’ signature pairing of Congolese coffee with Durban Poison, which, as Tony Bowles would attest, was a match made in caffeinated heaven. Also included in the gift bag was a sneak peek of the upcoming cannabis cigar from Tiger’s Eye, set to launch in the fall, a PAX Official device and pod, and rolling papers from Bouqe.

The standout feature of the event was the pairing of cannabis with coffee and tea, and Landrace Origins was at the forefront of this innovative concept.

Landrace Origins, a brand under MAKR House, is a pioneer in the art of pairing landrace, heirloom cannabis with single-origin, specialty coffees sourced from around the world. Their mission is to enhance the flavor profiles and effects of both cannabis and coffee through unique pairings, and they’ve certainly succeeded.

At the heart of Landrace Origins’ offerings is the Congolese coffee paired with Durban Poison, a sativa landrace strain. This pairing, showcased at the event, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to consumers. Their pre-rolls are crafted from heirloom cannabis flower infused with sifted hash, available in single 0.7G servings. The coffee and cannabis pairing kit includes a 0.7G single pre-roll and a sample of 1.8oz coffee.

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What makes Landrace Origins even more special is their dedication to inclusive supply chains and the stories behind their products. They source their signature single-origin coffee, Congolese, from the women’s collective Rebuilding Women’s Hope. This initiative has enabled these women to construct vital infrastructure in their village, emphasizing the positive impact of ethical sourcing.

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In the case of Durban Poison, Landrace Origins primarily sources it from Ghost Dance Ranch in Lake County, a woman-owned farm. This commitment to supporting women in the industry echoes the ethos of the event itself, celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Landrace Origins Goods + Supply coffees are single-origin, handcrafted specialty blends, ethically sourced from small farmers and cooperatives worldwide. One such partnership is with Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH), a non-profit organization founded by gender equity pioneer Marceline Budza in 2013. RWH focuses on maximizing the economic potential of coffee, creating opportunities for female smallholders.

In the hands of a small minority-owned specialty roaster in Southern California, these exceptional coffee beans are expertly roasted to perfection.

For those seeking to explore the world of coffee and cannabis pairings, Landrace Origins is undoubtedly a brand to watch. And for those interested in trying Landrace Origins products, Sava ( is one of the places that carries their exceptional offerings.

The “High on Flavor, Cannabis, Coffee, and Tea Pairing Experience” in Oakland, CA, was not just an event; it was a celebration of the harmonious union between cannabis, coffee, and tea. I was thrilled to be among those who relished in this extraordinary gathering, where innovation, culture, and flavor came together in a symphony of sensory delight.

As Landrace Origins continues to champion unique cultivars and inclusive supply chains, the cannabis and coffee industry can anticipate more groundbreaking pairings that elevate the consumer experience to new heights. In the ever-evolving world of cannabis and culinary arts, events like these are a testament to the creativity and passion of brands like Landrace Origins, who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and delighting the senses of enthusiasts worldwide.

Photo Credit: Tony Bowles

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