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Cannabis prohibition over the last 125 years has caused far reaching yet unnecessary harm to our global human family. Millions of people who would have benefited from cannabis as legal medicine have been denied the freedom to access this profoundly healing plant. Misinformation and propaganda have perpetuated a misguided, expensive and socially destructive war on drugs that has done nothing more than generate an imbalance of power by criminalizing not only a natural plant that can grow in most people’s gardens, but by unfairly targeting certain members and contributors of society. This arbitrary discrimination is a true human rights injustice with grave and damaging effects for humanity, not only in how we treat each other, but how we treat physical illness, and how we treat our planet as a nurturing resource. Skunk Magazine stands in solidarity with millions of people across the planet, protecting our shared vision of legalization, decriminalization and cannabis freedom for every nation and every walk of people by ending cannabis prohibition once and for all.

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man releasing baloon
Balloon Ceremony Held for Lawton Oklahoma Man Slain by Police

This past Sunday marked the first anniversary of the Lawton Oklahoma man, Quadry Sanders, who…

Canna Prisoner Thomas (TOM KAT) Landreth #146687 Oklahoma current Inmate
Prisoners of The War on Drugs

For hundreds of years, society has been taught to follow the rules written by lawmakers.…

Will Recreational Legalization Give Oklahoma Inmates Freedom?

Marijuana or Cannabis. Mary Jane, the devil’s Lettice, the chronic. The smoke, the choke, the…

cannabis world news international law photo of government presentation room with rows of empty seats
Germany’s Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Plan Is Leaked, Again

If you have spent a considerable amount of time in politics, you know that a…

cannabis world news international law photo of wooden gavel
Unpacking the Recent Historic Cannabis Court Decision in Uganda

This month in Uganda has been one for the ages from a cannabis policy standpoint.…

Will Malta’s Cannabis Club Model Be Adopted by Germany and Spain?

In many ways, the European continent seems like it is on the cusp of hitting…

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A multi-racial group of young people sit on a couch smoking cannabis
For first time in U.S. History, more Americans use cannabis than tobacco

The history of tobacco use stretches back over 1,000 years. First discovered by the indigenous…

Home Cultivation is Sprouting Up All Over America Says New Report

Millions of Americans live in a new age of cannabis where they can amble down…

Report: Youth Use of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Pain Meds Decreased Where Cannabis is Legal

Washington, DC: The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) reports that the…

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