Jeff Eichen

Jeff Eichen was born in California in 1958. Jeff’s family always encouraged The Arts and creativity. Jeff Eichen at 17 studied Photography with Ansel Adams at the Yosemite workshop in 1975. In 1976 Jeff attended the U of O in Eugene Ore, Majoring in Fine + Applied Arts. In 1979 he spent nearly 2 years in the Netherlands as an Exchange Student and Teacher’s assistant in an art school. In 1983 Jeff moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Architectural photography. After meeting Jack Herer in the 90s Jeff began to turn his head in an important direction of the issues surrounding 420 Prohibition. Jeff has made a one-person team film "Lifers Madness The Movie" Staring Baby Landon (Brain Cancer Child of a Canna-Mom), Jeff Mizanskey (21.9yrs a 420POW) and Tommy Chong... - Today Jeff is associated with Stephanie Landa (Freedom Grow) and Amy Povah (Can-Do Clemency) and other high profile Prison Reformers. Jeff’s "Legacy" is a committed soul for Justice and ending 420 Prohibition, Teacher, Student of Life, Art Photographer, Dj (World & R&B) and Filmmaker.

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