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Cannabis has a long history as a profoundly healing plant. Sadly, for more than a century much of that knowledge has been denied its proper place in our ‘open’ society.  Only in recent years have we begun to lift the veil of misinformation that has misguided and limited our modern application of this natural medicinal herb. As every human being and mammal on earth is endowed with an endocannabinoid system, Skunk Global Media firmly believes it is every human’s right to learn why cannabis works as a healing medicine in our lives. All mammals produce cannabinoids, in fact, cannabinoids are present in mother’s breast milk. The endocannabinoid system was discovered more than four decades ago and has scientifically been proven as an integral regulatory system within the body that helps to create homeostasis and health. Cannabinoids derived from the plant not only mimic but can take the place of human cannabinoids; when we imbibe cannabinoids, they enter our body and help ameliorate any systems that need healing and regeneration. For nearly two decades Skunk Global Media has been committed to educating people around the globe about the healing benefits and wise application of this underappreciated and poorly utilized gift to humanity.

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