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At Skunk Global Media we are devoted to highlighting the best art, books, music, film, travel and fashion that compliment our dynamic cannabis lifestyles and help our industry pioneers, emerging generations, readership, contributors, artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen, musicians, poets and performers to all stay inspired and connected to our diverse global marijuana community. Skunk is a proud curator of everything cannabis that feeds the best of human culture.

Cannabis is truly a lifestyle and has influenced every aspect of our culture, whether muse, subject or medium. There are countless artists through timeless eras that have embraced cannabis as both an inspiration or a post obsession tonic. Its influence on abstract art, jazz, pop culture, and Rock & Roll is sacrosanct. That said, there are artworks depicting cannabis from early China that have endured since 7,000 BC, and hieroglyphs in Early Egyptian tombs. Its use as a paper, textiles and rope likely makes cannabis even more prolific and influential as a cultural medium than this paragraph can possibly convey…that’s why we have this website, and a magazine.

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cannabis world news lifestyle culture full spread of food (pasta dish, cheese, grapes, other snacks), a joint in ashtray, pipe loaded with herb on natural wood table

Cannabis Pesto Pappardelle Pasta


Moonspired: Carnival

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cannabis world news social equity crowd posing outside
A Free Executive Training Program for BIPOC/Minority Business Owners in Cannabis; Meet the BCB Mastermind

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In 2021, Statista…

Seattle Mayor Presents Legislation to Promote Equity In Cannabis Industry

Seattle’s Mayor Bruce Harrell has advanced a collection of bills to increase equity in the…

Marlo Richardson: Black, Female, and Building a Cannabis Empire

Marlo Richardson is a businesswoman, serial entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of four Cannabis…

Leadership, Conscious Living & Spirituality

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cannabis world news leadership conscious living spirituality image of moon cycle phases
MOONSPIRED: Super Seasonal Shift

Tonight is September’s supercharged full supermoon! On Earth, we find our path lighted by nature’s…

cannabis world news conscious living leadership spirituality phases of the moon cycle
MOONSPIRED: Starts at Sundown

“Blow the shofar on the new moon, at the appointed time of our festive day.”…

cannabis world news conscious leadership conscious living spirituality moon in various cycles

It’s a full moon tonight. It’s a supermoon. And it’s a blue moon, too. This…

Art, Entertainment & Celebrities

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cannabis world news art entertainment celebrities promo graphic

An international documentary of social impact shot in 4 countries: Colombia, Spain, Germany, and the…

Mission-Green-logo image

Tory Lanez has been in the media for most of 2022. Not for the non-profit…

On 80th Birthday & Jerry Week, Jerry Garcia’s Influence Still Ripples Outward Through Garcia Hand Picked

There have been a handful of artists throughout history who have had such an impact…

marijuana history heritage Raphael Mechoulam and the aurthor
Rest In Peace Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (The father of Cannabis)

Rest in PEACE Dr. Raphael Mechoulam 1930-2023 The Father of Cannabis has left the building…

marijuana history heritage. Image of Budda with marijuana plant
The Spirit of Cannabis. Cannabis and its Influence on Spiritual Life Through the Ages.

As humanity evolves and our knowledge of the physical body’s connection with mind and spirit…

Moonspired: Carnival

The phases of the moon mean a lot of things to a lot of people.…

Prohibiting International Athletes From Consuming Cannabis Is Ridiculous

The World Anti-Doping Agency will be keeping cannabis on its list of banned substances. The…

Swimmer in Olympic swimming pool
Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling Has Nothing To Apologize For

No adult should ever have to apologize for the act of simply consuming cannabis. Unfortunately,…

The Olympics: End Reefer Madness In Sports

Last week news broke that top Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson would effectively be prevented from…

Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis
Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis

Today’s article has to do with wide ranging aspects of reaping greater benefits from cannabis.…

cannabis world news leadership conscious living spirituality image of moon cycle phases
MOONSPIRED: Super Seasonal Shift

Tonight is September’s supercharged full supermoon! On Earth, we find our path lighted by nature’s…

cannabis world news events competitions two men and a woman holding award
Nothing But Fire; the Defining Platform Where California’s Most Talented Cultivators Showcase their Skills and Innovative Techniques

Nothing But Fire is an annual California-based event focused on cannabis cultivation and the cultivators…

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