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cannabis world news heritage history Randy Lanier standing by Cannabis leaf emblazoned sports car
Welcome to the Jungle. Chapter 8, Survival of the Fastest: Weed, Speed, and the 1980s Drug Scandal that Shocked the Sports World

Hello, my name is Randy Lanier. I am the CEO of Freedom Grow, a non-profit…

cannabis world news history heritage author performind
From Rock to Reefer

From as young as I can remember, most of us have been asked the question…

cannabis world news history heritage Ca$berry bud strain cliseup
It’s Not Hershey’s! The Journey of Chocolate Skunk at Sonoma Hills Farm

Introduction At Sonoma Hills Farm (SHF), our commitment to cultivation extends far beyond the farm…

cannabis world news media people including Santa holding signs of pot prisoners
“High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born” – A Magical Adventure Streaming on CANNECTED TV

Free Streaming from December 20, 2023, to the End of January This holiday season, CANNECTED…

marijuana history heritage Raphael Mechoulam and the aurthor
Rest In Peace Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (The father of Cannabis)

Rest in PEACE Dr. Raphael Mechoulam 1930-2023 The Father of Cannabis has left the building…

marijuana history heritage. Image of Budda with marijuana plant
The Spirit of Cannabis. Cannabis and its Influence on Spiritual Life Through the Ages.

As humanity evolves and our knowledge of the physical body’s connection with mind and spirit…

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