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It’s Not Hershey’s! The Journey of Chocolate Skunk at Sonoma Hills Farm

It’s Not Hershey’s! The Journey of Chocolate Skunk at Sonoma Hills Farm

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At Sonoma Hills Farm (SHF), our commitment to cultivation extends far beyond the farm gates. We always seek partners that honor the alchemy of genetics, soil life, and meticulous care. We are also always on the search for unique and classic highs and memorable experiences that stand out. That’s why we are so excited to introduce Chocolate Skunk and Ca$hberry, our first partnership with Purple Caper Genetics and our friends at SKUNK Magazine.

The Essence of Preservation

Cultivation, for us, is a holistic journey that begins with selecting superior genetics and nurturing life in the soil. It is a process that echoes through every stage, leading to plants that have the highest expression of their genetic potential. Part of this process is ensuring that the wonderful variety of strains bred during the legacy years makes the transition into the legal market.

Our friends at SKUNK magazine have a long history of celebrating and preserving cannabis heritage and culture. This collab with Purple Caper helps keep parts of our shared experiential history alive!

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Unveiling Chocolate Skunk

At SHF, we are passionate about chasing unique and classic highs, placing a big emphasis on not just flavors and terpenes but how strains make us feel. After our team spent so many years in the medical cannabis world, today, we specifically chase those feel-good strains that have us smiling and cracking up with friends and family.

Enter Chocolate Skunk, a testament to old-school genetics and classic California highs, delivering that classic “Mendo” high that has you laughing and forgetting your cares. This strain not only boasts an amazing terpene profile, exceeding 2.2%, loaded with myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, but also showcases over 29% total cannabinoids. Beyond the 24% THC and CBD, it’s the presence of rarer cannabinoids that we believe contribute to Chocolate Skunk’s classic old-school feeling.

Preserving Lineage and Heritage: Purple Caper Seeds

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a good Cookies or Gelato cross, but it seems that crosses of the same strains dominate today’s market. Cool and tasty, but we smoke so much that we need to constantly find new cultivars to keep the fun going. This has led us to go out and seek and celebrate unique lineages. Today, to discover something truly distinctive, you may need to trace your steps back through the annals of cannabis history.

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Purple Caper Seeds has decades of experience and has been an instrumental force in shaping this heritage. Collaborating with some of the industry’s luminaries, they continue to add to this rich tapestry with remarkable crosses like Chocolate Skunk and CA$HBERRY (Chocolate Hashberry x Purple Caper).

Purple Caper Seeds has been breeding bangers for over 30 years and ensuring there is a diversity of amazing plants and highs to choose from. His strains go back to pre-Cookies, pre-Gelato and are unrelated to other famous lineages. To us, this always means a unique experience.

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Ca$hberry, for example, is another amazing Purple Caper strain with a mood-elevating, happy, and euphoric smoke that doesn’t result in couch lock. It is a very light and subtle high with a spacey cerebral effect, adding a thin sheet of clarity and making details more noticeable. It is a very uplifting and social high enjoyable for most any daytime activity. Ca$hberry will be available exclusively through Solful dispensaries in San Francisco and Sonoma County.

The journey of Chocolate Skunk at Sonoma Hills Farm is more than a cultivation process; it’s an exploration of the intricacies and nuances that make each strain exceptional. We invite you to join us on this voyage as we continue our quest for extraordinary highs and experiences. Embrace the uniqueness, savor the flavors, and celebrate the heritage that defines each strain at SHF.

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Photo  Credits: Cavan Clark

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