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Cannabis has been consumed by humans for at least 5,000 years, and likely cultivated for grains and fibres for at least twice that long. As a plant that loves human cultivation and diversification, its obvious we’ve barely explored the vast application of cannabis as a resource for humanity. That said, we’ve come a long way. Skunk Global Media is excited to foster and promote the promise and current usage of cannabis in its various forms by educating the every day consumer on the cutting edge trends and well trimmed flowers emerging freshly from the gardens and creative minds of growers, artisans, scientists and innovators from around the world. We’re excited to share our ever growing library of Strain Reports that get directly to the heart of the matter: how does it taste…what’re the effects or medicinal benefits…what’s lineage? And…so much more: CBD’s, concentrates, hashish, flower…you name it. Skunk’s authors & contributors offer educational tips on how to consume your favorite cannabis product whether a tasty recipe for edibles you can concoct in your kitchen, or the latest smoking or smokeless devices for your coffee table. Whether seeking the best nutrients for your home grow, storage and security devices, new releases or gift suggestions for the holidays, our product reviews offer first hand experience of the latest consumer trends.

Last but not least, as Skunk Global Media is committed to honoring the gifts of our planet and her offerings for greater health and wiser living we don’t believe its too far a reach to explore the emerging medical breakthroughs and legal markets of psychedelics as another viable tool in the apothecary. We believe that cannabis is the mother plant of all herbs, along with her plant allies, psychedelics, entheogens and healthy organic food ensuring a vibrant life in which we thrive rather than just survive. For more than two decades Skunk Global Media has fostered education as a core value essential to living not only an informed but a balanced and healthy life.

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Why Grow Your Own Marijuana?

Microdosing 101

Terpenes and Why They Matter

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cannabis world news promos and strain reports image of plant top against a black background
Strain Report: Seedsman Alaskan Bananaberry

Seedsman, renowned for its groundbreaking genetic offerings, continues to increase is stellar range of fantastic…

Strain Review: Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix from Night Owl Seeds

Strain Name: Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix Breeder: Night Owl Seeds Height: 4ft Weight: 6oz…

cannabis-world-news-strain-reports image of magnified bud
Strain Report: Skunk G-ass

Breeder: Mark Greyshock of Greenshock Farms Genetics: Green Lantern x Double OG Sour Chem X…

cannabis world news product reviews promos image of red gummy
Cannabis Infused Gummies Without the Cannabis? Yes, it’s a Thing!

On April 1st of this year, a surprising twist emerged from the cannabis frontlines: Goldmine…

cannabis world news product reviews promos image of purple cannabis leaves
Rythm Remix: All The Good Stuff is in There

I’m fascinated by the art of ‘pre-rolls’, primarily because I have a lot of trouble…

cannabis world news product reviews promos image if flowering male cannabis plant
Introduction to Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds with Pollenetix™; A Silver Thiosulfate Solution

Holy Grail Chemistry Hello to everyone reading this! I’d like to start off by introducing…

Individual In Hong Kong Faces Up To 7 Years In Prison For Bottles Of CBD Products

Law enforcement officials in Hong Kong have made their first CBD-related arrest since a new…

Sheena Myers Launches GenoType and My Yoni Purrs

Founder, Sheena Myers Launches GenoType During the Height of Covid-19, See’s $200K by the 1st…

12 CBD Oil Products For African-American Seniors To Try

For months, l’ve been thinking about what conversations need to be had among African-Americans that…

Jar of dabs surrounded by sliced green kiwi fruit
Rosin Review: Kiwi Comet by Dablogic

I’ve been on the hunt for a kiwi terp for quite some time, so when…

cannabis world news concentrates image of rosin in jar
Aloha Apothecary x Mission Hill Melts: Strawberry Smackdown Rosin Review

Mission Hill Melts was born out of a small apartment in Boston back in 2015.…

cannabis world-news consumer education concentrates tray of various berries
Culinary Dab Pairings

It’s summertime, and that means all the produce is loud, bright, ripe, and bursting with…

Hashish, Charras & Cream

Visit Our Hashish, Charras & Cream Page
cannabis world news consumer education hash charas cream small plastic tubs of pink buble hash
How Much Cannabis Do I Need to Make Bubble Hash?

Home Growers with a couple of cannabis plants often ask how much material they need…

cannabis world news man smoking hash in pipe in Afghanistan
Early Morning: The History of Hash in Afghanistan

Before sunrise, Abdul wakes up, refreshes his Chilam (Chillum) and Gata (joined water pipe and…

cannabis world news consumer education hashish charas and cream Hash Vegas logo with cards, dice, and slot machine imagery
Ego Clash 2023 & Hash-Vegas: Interview with The Hash Champ Trichome Tortoise

Chat GPT does not know who won the 2023 Ego Clash, but I do. I…

cannabis world news promos vaping and smoking
Ultra Artisan Cannabis from Ali Garawi in Five Questions

The founders of Muha Meds are two young guys who are hard-core entrepreneurs driven by…

Auntie loves the 20:1 CBD non hemp vape pen.

Mendo Dopes Auntie tried and loved the Seed 2 Soul vape pen from Soil King…

EP 15 DynaVap ‘M’ 2020 Vaporizer – Unboxing & Testing ????

In my latest episode this is about the DynaVap ‘M’ 2020 vaporizer, this is a…

cannabis world news consumer education edibles recipes Betty's eddies cannabis gummy package
Getting Granular in Five Questions with Ryan Crandall of MariMed

Ryan Crandall is the chief revenue officer of MariMed Inc. and co-creator of Betty’s Eddies,…

Zack Squier: The Magic of Food and Maine Cannabis

I used to live up in Maine for several years. It’s where I fell in…

Matt Jackson’s Greatest Hits of 2022

Now that 2022 is behind us,  it’s time to walk through the gravejard where I…

cannabis world news psychedelics people sitting and laying at an ayahuasca retreat with colorful flags
Ayahuasca, What an In-Depth Retreat is Like

If you feel a calling to do an Aya retreat, then get ready for transformation…

MOONSPIRED: Elliptic Ecliptic

At this new moon, plant a seed for the universe to tend. Set your vision…

Yes, You Can Grow, Cultivate, and Harvest Your Own Mycorrhizal Fungi!

Most of us have heard of mycorrhizal fungus and are well are aware of it’s…

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