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Community and Collaboration over Competition: The Story of Lucille Verde’s Canna Cape Cod and District Mycological Research Group

Community and Collaboration over Competition: The Story of Lucille Verde’s Canna Cape Cod and District Mycological Research Group

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Imagine booking a getaway for relaxation, and it leads to an encounter that launches your business. This is the story of Nicole and Jimmy: a customer who turned friend, consultant, and community collaborator. For many, community has been found in many areas: gender, politics, and so on. For others, community wasn’t found, wasn’t nurtured, and wasn’t under the umbrella of expansion until their community was found under the umbrella of cannabis and other plant medicines.

Plant medicine has a history of being communal, ceremonial, shared, and so on. For Nicole and Jimmy, their encounter started with Jimmy being a guest at Nicole’s business, and from there, conversations, flourishing connections, and networking- set a foundation that nurtures the growth of both personal life and business life. This story has the makings of ‘your network is your net worth and ‘the power of community for all levels of expansion.’ 

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Photo credit: District Mycological Research Group

Meet Nicole and Jimmy, Owners of the 1st All-Inclusive Cannabis Friendly Bed and Breakfast and a Mycologist and Researcher 

Nicole Butler is the founder and owner of Lucille Verde, LLC and Canna Cape Cod DC. Jimmy Dimmick is a Mycologist and the founder and owner of District Mycological Research Group and Jimmy’s Serious Gourmet Shit.

Nicole’s journey into cannabis business began after retiring from cosmetology and having been a cannabis connoisseur for 20 years. She had been hosting small 420-friendly events for six years and overnight stays for three years prior to Canna Capecod. 

She was encouraged by a friend to get listed on a B&B site but was hesitant because of her cannabis consumption. That changed when Nicole discovered that D.C. laws permit 420-friendly lodging. 

Jimmy’s journey into the consumption and business of plant medicines started with his discovery of psilocybin years ago. After searching for relief from gastrointestinal issues that caused nausea and vomiting daily, Jimmy says he found mushrooms and admits that the stress of being a stock day trader didn’t help his condition; however, psilocybin was his first true sign of relief. He explained his first encounter with the magical fungi:

“A colleague in the financial industry suggested I try microdosing psilocybin and sent me capsules of psilocybe cubensis that he had grown himself. Within 72hrs my symptoms subsided, amongst others, such as sleep apnea and tingling/numbness from neuropathy. I had to know more about this mushroom and how it cured me, so I quit trading and devoted my time to researching mycology and psilocybin.” 

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Photo credit: Canna Capecod

About Lucille Verde, Canna Cape Cod, and Jimmy Dimmick, Jimmy’s Serious Gourmet Shit and District Mycology Research Group

Canna Cape Cod is the first all-inclusive 420-friendly bed and breakfast in the United States and is located in D.C.  Just show up, check in, and Nicole and her team take care of the rest. Guests have everything at their fingertips at this all-inclusive bed and breakfast, and that means cannabis, three infused meals each day (vegan and vegetarian options available), a 24-hour snack bar, cannabis accessories, infused snacks, and an open bar are all included in the price. The space is perfect for group travel, couples travel, and singles travel.

The bed and breakfast is decorated with gorgeous art, vibrant colors, and something for everyone: books, movies, hookah, and a backyard that is perfect for relaxation, a group sesh, and/or connection to the earth. Canna Cape Cod also offers day trip options.

Through District Mycology Research Group, Jimmy focuses on potency/alkaloid testing of psilocybe cubensis (magic mushrooms), notably the minor alkaloids such as Baeocystin, Aeruginascin, etc., in addition to the majors (psilocin and psilocybin). The current research focuses on trying to spot trends in alkaloid profiles and how they relate to consumer experience through anonymous experience reports collected online on the website. Jimmy’s Serious Gourmet Shit, is where the magic grows as a Washington, DC I-81, Compliant Vendor.

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Photo Credit: Canna Capecod

The Weekend that Set the Foundation for Friendship and Expansion

Nicole’s Canna Capecod is a place where anyone can come and get pampered while exploring their own consciousness with all things mentioned above and be in the best company you can find to talk about anything in the world. Jimmy says: “I got a year’s worth of therapy in one weekend“. 

He goes on to say“A chance encounter one weekend when my finance booked a stay at Canna Cape Cod has turned into a life-changing journey for me in business. Meeting Nicole and having those conversations during our stay turned into so many introductions that led to networking and eventually led to me looking into the climate of decriminalization in D.C., and doing some recon on these gifting shops and realizing that there was a better way for people to experience the healing powers of magic mushrooms. 

Seeing fungi and black market psilocybin products being gifted alongside cannabis in this unique gray area market, unregulated, I decided I wanted to move my research to D.C. in a friendly jurisdiction and give a glimpse of how to self-regulate in an unregulated market with a focus or harm reduction. I felt like I could show the market a better way.” 

The connection from one weekend has really blossomed into something so special. It’s not a ‘never seen before,’ but definitely something we ‘need to see more of.’ Jimmy and Nicole become friends, but Jimmy says: 

“I would have to consider Nicole more like family to me. Put it like this: I’m getting married this summer, and Nicole and her family are the only people not related to me who are invited. Through Nicole and her Cannabis Cape Cod community, I have met cannabis nurses, edible makers, real estate agents, cannabis growers, attorneys, and so many people who are like-minded and passionate, but most importantly, my business is open in D.C., where the connection began to cultivate.

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Photo credit: Canna Capecod

What’s in Store for The Two Friends and Business Owners? 

Through/for Canna Cape Cod and guests, Nicole is working on cannabis events for every major holiday, as well as some coursed brunches and terpene tastings. The overnight experience is being offered at a great discounted rate, and the new outdoor space brings our venue limit to 80 people.

Jimmy is working on collecting data through anonymous experience reports from people who are using mushrooms grown by Jimmy that have complete major/minor alkaloid profiles through HPLC testing. The focus is spotting trends in alkaloid profiles as they relate to different experiences in hopes of being able to one-day breed mushrooms for specific effects like PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. Jimmy is also on stage, educating crowds. Most recently, he was on a panel discussing the effects of edible cannabis and fungi at the 2024 National Cannabis Festival.

Final Words

Jimmy closes our chat with: Two different but similar worlds met up, and I was inspired to make the move to D.C. and set up a privately funded research lab. Nicole and the cannabis community here have been essential to my success thus far. After meeting Nicole, my wife and I absolutely fell in love with her and realized we met ‘our people.’ In the end, Nicole found my lab through another one of her contacts. This is my second year in my lab, and I’ve been able to do this because of the opportunities Nicole led me to”.

No matter what, cannabis and plants have always connected different worlds to create one glorious one: together. 

Veronica Castillo is known as the Traveling Cannabis Writer. Her body of work includes educational and informative insights on cannabis and various plant medicines, and she travels the country to provide insight on cannabis-friendly travel. She is a member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) Board of Directors, a collaborator, connector, content creator, and traveler specializing in bringing to light the hidden gems in the plant space. Follow her journey: #travelingcannabiswriter.

Follow on social media: @vee_travelingvegcannawriter

Feature photo credit: District Mycological Research Group 


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