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Five Succinct Questions for Lily Sogard of The Cannabist Company

Five Succinct Questions for Lily Sogard of The Cannabist Company

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Medical Cannabis, presently, is a rarity in New Jersey. Just across the river in NY, medical cannabis is very important. In NJ, where I live and have a medical cannabis card, the medical cannabis program seems to be an afterthought. But in NY, it’s extremely important to the thousands of patients who use the plant as part of their healing, so it is treated as such. They get it. 

I wish there were more “dispensaries” of medical cannabis in New Jersey, but it’s like lighting a match in a raging windstorm. That is probably not going to happen. When products come into the market as viable and well-tended as Triple Seven, I try to pay attention and offer a view into the East Coast medical cannabis world. 

Please let me introduce to you Lily Sogard, Manager, Facility Operations for The Cannabist Company.

Cheers! WB 

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Photo credit: The Cannabist

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about the new offerings. Which makes them unique? What strains?

Lily Sogard: We have many new strains. We’ve added a number of strains in the last year, and they’re all pretty unique in their own ways. Each has very different terpene profiles and structures that we love. A few that stand out for us are the Super Lavender Butter, Sunshine Daydream, and Dreamcicle. They smell incredible and have some of the highest potency results that we’ve seen in a long time.

WB: Why cannabis? What brought you to the plant? Do you remember the first time you imbibed cannabis? When?

LS: Cannabis is such a revolutionary medicine that helps alleviate symptoms from so many different things, from anxiety to cancer and everything in between. The Cannabist Company started as a medical cannabis company and has now expanded to offer products for adult use in many markets, but we still have not forgotten our medical roots. Personally, I have a family member who suffers from very serious epilepsy, and cannabis has helped them immensely. The first time I encountered it myself was pretty typical in my teen years.

WB: Who did the pheno hunting? How?

LS: For the strains that we pheno-hunted, I did most of the selection myself with the input of the rest of the team. They are selected based on how well they perform in the garden, how unique they are, and how well they test for yield and potency.

WB: What are your favorite strains for sitting down with friends before dinner? You know, conversational, not catatonic. 

LS:really like Peach OG and Jealousy. They’re very mellow and still allow me to focus.

WB: What is your passion?

LS: My passion is helping others. It’s so important to me for our patients and customers to get the best product from us that they can, and top-shelf quality is what my team is striving for. 

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