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40 Tons Brand Goes National in Partnership with Minny Grown

40 Tons Brand Goes National in Partnership with Minny Grown

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40 Tons Brand Goes National in Partnership with Minny Grown

“This launch is not just about bringing top-quality THC products to consumers; it’s a testament to 40 Tons‘ multifaceted approach to social impact.”- 40 Tons Brand  

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In 2013, Chief Brand Ambassador and Co-Owner of 40 Tons, Corvain Cooper, was found guilty in a case known as the ‘40 Tons Conspiracy’. Though his conviction was a ‘non-violent’ one, Corvain was sentenced to life in federal prison, without the possibility of parole under the ‘three strikes law’. Eight years after his conviction, Corvain was granted clemency by former President, Donald Trump.

40 Tons Brand launched in response to the 40 Tons Conspiracy and though Corvain has been released from prison, the social justice and social impact focused brand continues to fight the mission for cannabis prisoners: restorative justice, reduced sentencing, cannabis legalization, rehabilitation, and letter writing campaigns. Recently added to their mission: going national; and that mission has been accomplished in partnership with Minnesota based: Minny Grown.

40 Tons and Minny Grown Launch a Custom Line of Edible

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Minny Grown, is a leading Minnesota-based hemp company that has been cultivating in Minnesota for decades. Today, the company grows hemp on their soil rich land; mixing science, passion, and craft; actively building the foundation for a more natural, healthy, and sustainable future.

Together, Minny Grown and 40 Tons, created a line of cannabis infused gummies. The partnership and launch of the edibles line represents 40 Tons’ innovative spirit; symbolizing the diverse and often unconventional journeys of those affected by cannabis-related legal challenges.The partnership is a testament to 40 Tons’ multifaceted approach to social impact and Minny Grown’s efforts to create a positive change throughout local communities.

Consumers are invited to shop fresh to market flavors: Root Beer, Sour Lemonade, Mango Orange, and Mojito, and also connect with inmates by sending digital or physical postcards through the brand’s unique letter-writing campaign, included with every order.

About the The 40 Tons Letter Writing Campaign

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©: 40 Tons

in Las Vegas at MJBizCon 2023, providing attendees of the conference an opportunity to write and mail a handwritten message to someone imprisoned for a cannabis related crime. The campaign was a success and 40 Tons extended the campaign to go digital. Those that want to get involved can through ordering the new 40 Tons x Minny Grown infused gummies; every gummy pack sold will include a stamped and addressed postcard to write a prisoner.

40 Tons recognizes that receiving mail is one of the few things that bring solace, peace, and hope to the tens of thousands of prisoners currently incarcerated in the United States for cannabis-related crimes. Those that want to send a postcard can get involved no matter where they are. 40 Tons saves consumers the time of buying stamps, searching for addresses, and looking up which prisoner to write by including the stamped and addressed postcard with each order.

Final Words from 40 Tons and Minny Grown

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©: 40 Tons

I sat down with 40 Tons to chat about social impact and what this new launch means to them. Loriel Alegrete, CEO and Anthony Alegrete, COO; say:

We had to be different and do something nobody else was doing. Since we are not capitalized we have to work twice as hard as the next brand. But how do you do that if funds aren’t there? We needed to find the right partner so we could sell a product that allowed us to profit more than typical regulated cannabis. If done successfully, this can allow us to make profit and reinvest it into our mission. At the end of the day, we want to be the brand that represents cannabis prisoners. So everything we do has awareness built into it. Once we profit, and can sustain, we can then take the profits and do social good”. 

I asked them to explain social impact to someone reading this, and has no idea where to start as it relates to integrating social impact into their business model. Loriel and Anthony responded:

“Social impact can come in many ways. From donations to charities, to awareness, to doing the work needed, to writing letters to prisoners, to whatever it is that your social good does. Many brands want to partner with brands like 40 Tons but they don’t know how. But when you partner with a brand like us you can now leverage the work we are doing. In essence, you are helping to fuel the work by partnering. At the end of the day, before you can do anything you have to WANT to do it. Companies should find what they are truly passionate about and then look to partner with the people doing the work”. 

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My final question: If 40 Tons ruled the world, what would a more inclusive and justice oriented industry look like? Loriel and Anthony said:

“If 40 Tons ruled the world, we would first free every cannabis prisoner. After that, we would provide opportunities to diverse populations, those that have been system impacted, and pave a way for them to get to market. We want to be like a record label for the cannabis imprisoned. When you  come home and you want to start a brand you come to 40 Tons. We help you set up your complete supply chain and help you get to market. We can build a platform for those that have been directly impacted”.

Zach Rohr, CEO of Minny Grown, told the Bluntness: “Our collaboration with 40 Tons is not just about entering a new market. It’s about setting a new standard on how a cannabis business can operate with a conscience.”

To send mail to a cannabis prisoner to let them know they haven’t been forgotten and to receive 20% off your next 40 Tons purchase, use promo CODE: VEE20 at:

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©: 40 Tons

It takes a village, including the village that sponsors my media coverage. Thank you LOCKGREEN!

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Veronica Castillo is known as the Traveling Cannabis Writer. Her body of work includes educational and informative insights on cannabis and various plant medicines, and she travels the country to provide insight on cannabis friendly travel. She is a member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) Board of Directors, a collaborator, connector, content creator, and traveler that specializes in bringing to light the hidden gems in the plant space. Follow her journey: #travelingcannabiswriter.

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