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Bulletproof Genetics: Ryan Gageby Continues the Legacy of Eddie Hansman, the late Michigan Breeder

Bulletproof Genetics: Ryan Gageby Continues the Legacy of Eddie Hansman, the late Michigan Breeder

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Vivian McPeak: How and when did you get interested in cannabis genetics? 

Ryan Gageby: It was about 2018 when I came across Bulletproof Genetics, but his logo instantly drew me in. It was this quote under his name: “Designed with Integrity, Dignity, Reliability, Durability, Strength, Loyalty. True meaning of Bulletproof.” 

The first strain I ever grew was Zest Mints (orange Kush Mints X Deep Breath). Deep Breath was one of his original strains, and he crossed it with a lot of his genetics. 

VM: What is the Michigan grow scene like these days, and how has it changed? 

RG: The grow scene has drastically changed these days. It’s gone from medical and caregiving to legal-grow operations that only care about money. That seems like what’s happening in every state, and it’s truly disappointing. I really believe people forgot why we started growing cannabis for the medicinal benefits and the people. 

cannabis world news seeds strains genetic breeding image of cannabis plant calyx magnified with drop of water
Frergrow8 Water Drop. Photo credit: Ryan Gageby.

VM: What was going on in your life when you met Eddie from Bulletproof Genetics? 

RG: I met Eddie about a month after my wife left our 13-year marriage. I was put in front of Eddie by our very close mutual friend Junior, who owned a grow store where we both shopped. I started working for him side-by-side in his basement, doing any and all of his plant work, as well as a bunch of stuff around his house. Cutting the grass, power washing, anything and everything he asked. I mean, at one point, I almost fell off his roof trying to clean the gutters. When it came to cannabis, he often told me he saw the fire, the passion, and I reminded him of 15 to 20 years prior when he started to grow cannabis.

VM: What kind of things did you learn from working with Eddie? 

RG: I learned a lot about the breeding process, phenotype selections, and just a lot of basic information and knowledge about the cannabis plant. We often talked about a movie called The Secret, a 2006 Australian-American spirituality documentary consisting of a series of interviews designed to demonstrate the law of attraction (New Thought), the belief that everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to “attract” the desired outcome.

cannabis world news seeds strains genetic breeding budding cannabis plants
Freegrow8 grown plant. Photo Credit: Ryan Gageby

VM: Can you talk about some of his strains? 

RG: The first strain that I fell in love with was the Zest Mints (Orange Kush Mints X Deep Breath); the orange citrus yet tangy notes of sour grape candy ease the user into a relaxing, social high. Zest Mints is the perfect choice for situations that call for being elevated but not inebriated. 

I do believe that his Deep Breath strain was one of the most significant strains he ever created, and you will find Deep Breath in a lot of his older crosses. The Deep Breath was a cross of White Master Star Dawg X Grateful Glue. He had strains for everyone to enjoy. That’s why Bulletproof Genetics is a staple here in Michigan. Another strain that stands out to me is his Deep Fried Ice Cream, a brilliant combination of Ice Cream Cake and Deep Breath. She is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. She has a delicious range of flavors like Gas, Chem, and Sweet Cake.

VM: You have decided to carry on Eddie’s legacy by keeping his strains alive. Can you talk about why? 

RG: I am trying my best to continue where he left off, but at the same time, his shoes have been almost impossible to fill. I would love to see his genetics all over the world. One of his dreams, which we often talked about, is having them throughout every legal grow operation in the US. Eventually, he would have loved to see the Bulletproof logo on all the dispensary walls and stores. It has been very hard for me personally and mentally, hoping that I made the right choice or decision to try to continue the bulletproof legacy. But I know he’s watching over my shoulder to help make this dream come true. 

cannabis world news seeds strains genetic breeding Purple Caper X seeds packaging
Purple Caper X SKUNK Magazine strain seed packaging. Photo credit: Ryan Gageby.

VM: What Bulletproof strains are available, and how can people find them? 

RG: I know that he created about 35 strains per seed finder, but I feel like that number is a bit on the low side. would like to say he created about 50-60 different strains a lot of these were never released to the public. He had a significant amount of people who would test his strains. That’s why he created the Bulletproof Genetics Testers Cup, a competition that allowed people to test some unreleased strains as well as who could grow the best and take pictures. One of his biggest testers was a family named Growtechmi and Fivesistersmi, an award-winning family from the state of Michigan. They have won multiple awards, from cannabis to edibles and topicals; a family-run business, streaming back to the father 

Eddie’s family contacted me a few months after he passed and offered me the genetics. They had no idea what to do and thought I would be the best person to help continue his legacy. At this point, I created a website,, where you can find about 30-35 different strains from Bulletproof. am going to try to create more bulletproof genetics with some of the strains I do have. 

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VM: What should people know and remember most about Eddie and Bulletproof?

RG: Bulletproof Genetics is a company built on hard work, quality, reliability, and love for this plant and all its medical properties. He took a lot of pride in his craft and was very passionate about what he did. I saw this daily from him. Eddie was an amazing and genuine person, and he would give you the shirt off his back. He was one to help you with any kind of personal problems you may have. I mean, he helped me through the darkest time of my life, and for that, I will never forget him. 

VM: Is there anything you would like to add? 

RG: With well over 15 years of cannabis cultivation and breeding experience, Bulletproof was a legend in the cannabis community. Eddie was a true Michigander and a beloved son and friend to many. Your legacy will go on, Eddie, illustrating to the cannabis world what you were and are a legend in this handcrafted art!  “Bulletproof Your Garden.”

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Cover image: Zest Mints Bulletproof Genetics strain. Photo credit: Ryan Gageby.


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