Sarah Jain Bergman

Sarah Jane Bergman is the Hash Sommelier and a Certified Ganjier. She specializes in high-quality small-batch concentrates, food + dab pairings, and educational tasting demos. Sarah has 14+ years of experience in the cannabis industry. She started out as a professional model and cannabis influencer, which allowed her to travel and live abroad. Her passion for cannabis and hash brought her to California, then Amsterdam, and on to Barcelona, where she launched her first international hash competition- “Hash Masters Challenge,” helping guide the developing Barcelona cannabis scene in a more dab-friendly way than the rest of Europe. Back in California, she continued to pursue her passion for her food and hash pairings developing her Hash Sommelier brand and ultimately getting her Ganjier Certification when the program first launched in 2021. Over the last decade, she has judged concentrates for some of the most prestigious competitions in the industry, adding the crown jewel of cannabis competitions- The Emerald Cup to the list. The services she currently offers include high-end tasting dinners, dab pairing bars, cannabis concierge services, private events, product reviews and ratings, Budtender training, and more education and speaking.

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