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Elevated Cannabis Consumption with Zenco

Elevated Cannabis Consumption with Zenco

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Zenco bridges the gap between fine dining and cannabis consumption. I have long dreamed of having hash pairings offers alongside tasting menus and drink pairings at fine dining establishments. I am a Hash Sommelier and Certified Ganjier specializing in culinary dab pairings and high-end tasting dinners with hash pairings. In addition to hosting our own dinners and events, I have been searching for a device appropriate in a fine dining setting, something anyone could be presented in an upscale dining establishment and not be put off by the appearance or function.

The Zenco is exactly the device I have long been searching for. As much as I may personally love the flavor and the hit I get from a dab off a quartz banger on a proper rig setup, it’s not going to be easily understood or accepted by the general public — especially if you use a torch. Even torchless, the setup is complicated and not for the novice user, at least not without a lot of instruction.

The Zenco is very simple and elegant. It looks and feels at home in a fine dining setting. It is incredibly easy to use and very quiet. All of which are extremely important when considering your environment, which, in this case, would be an upscale dining establishment.

When I do these dinners or events, it is very important that we do not sacrifice flavor for function. The flavor, after all, is the whole reason I am doing this pairing, and to sacrifice flavor would greatly take away from the experience. Zenco gives you more options than other devices in how you choose to consume. I prefer the quartz atomizer that Zenco offers to give my clients the best overall experience: a lot of pure flavor and an amazingly smooth hit.

Cleanup is super easy; just switch the atomizer and soak the other one in alcohol, or simply Q-tip it out and reuse it if you don’t have a second. It cleans out quickly and is ready for the next person to use. I can normally make one loaded hit go around the whole table, but sometimes, clients prefer a full bowl to themselves.

Speaking of function, I love the simplicity of how the Zenco functions. Simply load your hit, push the button, watch the vapor rise, and hit or sip if you prefer. The glass, too, is shaped like an actual drinking glass, making it approachable and easy to use, even for someone who has never consumed cannabis before. Since you can control the flow of the vapor with a simple touch of a button, it is easy to make a small, flavorful hit that won’t get the consumer choked up or too high. And if you hold the button a bit longer, you’ll get a nice big milky hit that will satisfy the most seasoned consumers.

For me, there is one feature of the Zenco that really stands out when it comes to culinary dab pairings: the ability to combine hash vapor with beverage or herbs within the device itself is truly revolutionary! With the Zenco Duo Glass, you can put a small pour of your favorite beverage in the top glass and drink it with your hit to create a new flavor and effect. This is a shortcut to everything I have been doing with my culinary dab pairings; it is so simple and effective! I prefer to use fresh pressed fruit juice to get the essence of the fruit in the perfect ratio to the hash. The duo glass top makes the mixing of the flavors so much easier. You can also opt for herbs in place of or with whatever beverage you put on top with the duo glass.

Approachability, design, and function are what come to mind when I think of the Zenco. I am confident that Zenco will be instrumental in helping us bring cannabis consumption to the fine-dining world! After all, don’t we deserve a dab pairing off a Zenco with a nice dinner?

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