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Skunk’s Holiday Cheat Sheet

Skunk’s Holiday Cheat Sheet

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With November in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to think about everyone you need to shop for this year. We all want to be known as that person who always picks out the perfect present, and stoners can be surprisingly difficult to shop for. That’s why Skunk came to help you secure the title in 2023 with a list of 16 things sure to light up their glazed eyes as they rip off the wrapping paper. They say there’s no better buzz than the feeling of giving. Now imagine how good that’s going to make you feel on top of being high as hell!?!?

We start off with something warm, something sweet, and something astounding for gathering in the kitchen on those brisk mornings.

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Kush Cups Keurig Pods
Enjoy a piping hot cup of Kush with the push of a button. Using the same infused Los Santos Guatemalan coffee beans they use in their bags of medium roast, Kush Kups makes these wonderfully convenient travel options for moments like when you’re in a hotel or when you have to be at your parents’ for a week. Dropping a Kush Cup into the kitchen Keurig is a snap and takes the edge of those mornings back at home with a nice 10mg per cup. It even makes an infused cocoa mix to give yourself a 20mg homemade mocha. $10

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Farina Bakery Macarons
Stoners love a good snack, and this non-infused option is something the whole sesh will come back for another hit of. For nine years, Farina Bakery in Portland has been wowing people with their melt-in-your-mouth version of these classic cookies. Not to be confused with the similar-sounding coconut macaroon, these are a meringue cookie sandwich filled with a whole universe of flavored fillings. From signature selections like Blueberry, Animal Cracker, and Salty Caramel to seasonal options like French Toast and Apple Cider, it’s easy to fill up the box with a dozen. Since there’s no weed in them, you can enjoy two-day shipping through FedEx right to your door. $38 / Dozen

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LĒVO with Gummy Making Kit
LĒVO takes a lot of the work and time out of making your own edibles. You just have to add herbs, add your base, hit infusion, and watch it deliver. Just like they help simplify the process of making your own oil or butter at home, they’ve also done the same for gummies. The package here includes the unit in your choice of five colors, plus three packets of gummy mix, two molds with droppers, and a bottle of MCT oil. There’s everything here that a person would need to pull out their old jars of flower and go all ‘canning season’ until the kitchen is filled with edibles. Pro tip for the non-culinary inclined, pick up the $79 mixer if you want to save your wrists a workout combining the oil and the gummy mixture. $379

Next, we move on to fashion for posing under the mistletoe, on Instagram, or in the annual family photo.

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High On Plants Earrings
Now that weed and fashion have such an out-in-the-open relationship; accessorizing has become a new frontier. Pioneering the way is High On Plants, a lifestyle brand for the high-minded, ushering people towards a future where no one is disparaged for the plants they use. They recently released their sets of leather, cannabis leaf-inspired earrings that come in two sizes. They also just dropped a collaboration with Jackie Bryant, managing editor for San Diego Magazine and Benzinga’s 2023 cannabis lifestyle reporter of the year. Stylish without being cliche, the new collaboration with Bryant features a strikingly chic black leather with gold accents. Consider this the LBD of stoner earrings. $55/$39

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Wiz Khalifa x Camp High Collective
A venture that brings together two well-known names in the cannabis scene. Everyone has heard of Wiz Khalifa, his brand and his representation of the cannabis community have been a longtime welcomed addition to the crowd, not to mention his performance to help kick off NASCAR’s 75th anniversary. Recently he reached out to clothing brand Camp High Collective for a capsule of his own. Having already worked with brands like 710 Labs, Camp High went to the next level this time by creating a smoky camo to create the Kush Councilor uniform for Khalifa’s most likely soon to exist summer camp. The whole set contains a hat, shirt, and this impressive set of hoodie and sweat shorts. $100 shorts / $150 hoodie

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Talking Terps Seed Sack
When it comes to gear for the green-minded, you can’t get cooler than Talking Terps. Their clothing, accessories, and vinyl toys are standard issue for aspiring headies and industry figures alike. Normally, these seasonally released items disappear in a flash, but thankfully, they just did a big restock on their new bag in time for holiday shopping. Bound to be the shoulder accessory of the season, this comfy ‘Seed Sack’ made from soft, durable padded nylon fits all your daily gear in one of its five pockets. Also, follow along to see when they drop the second round of their custom lighter sleeves featuring their mascot Terp Crawford. $105

Fun gifts to gather around with friends.

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Quasar Raas 2
When the hash community comes together for a real group session, this is the device they use. Made to elevate the shisha game, the French-engineered Quasar thermal top also unlocks the ability to level up your hash consumption as well. The idea was to imagine the top of the hookah as its own element that could be re-designed and engineered for superior airflow and performance. We’ve seen a half-ounce of rosin cooking in one of these, and not only was everyone getting monster hits, but the flavor of all the hash people kicked in melted together into a delicious fruit salad. $75

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The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo
A videogame that you might spend more time on than Baldur’s Gate 3. Enter the incredible artistic world of Nacho Rodriguez’s hand-drawn animations. Mr. Coo continually astounds players with a bizarre point-and-click game that makes you search for the solution and then rewards you with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations that’ll remind you of Bill Plimpton or Terry Gilliam. This game has become a cult favorite and stands as a multi-platform experience that groups of stoners won’t be able to help but be transfixed by as they call out what to do next. Pick up the ultimate version for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and 5, or play it on Steam. $60

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The Happy Bubbler
Like many people born on April Fools Day, Andrew Sahlstrom, aka Shampoooty’s sense of humor, contains a rich appreciation for the juxtaposition of dark and light-hearted comedy. Featured in the most recent issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine, his art presents adult themes that connect to products from childhood. This Happy Bubbler is made of a blow-molded, BPA-free, food-grade, dishwasher-safe, and heat-resistant plastic. To keep in theme with that classic toy, the removable rings are made from the same durable plastic as the original. In fact, you can still use it for a game of ring toss! Part of a 250-piece first-edition release, this fine art collectible is also a great way to play with your friends to see who buys the next eighth. $420

You can create the perfect sesh lounge with these decorative pieces of art.

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Edie Parker Jello Tabletop Lighter
Stepping right out of the pages of a ‘60s Life Magazine, these new lighters from Edie Parker have a hidden surprise with their kitschy, vintage aesthetic. These brightly colored resin molds are modeled after the impressive gelatin dessert molds that overpopulated the ‘50s through the ‘80s. Along with the suspended fruit encasing a chrome torch lighter, there’s also a hidden ashtray inside each of these four hyper-realistic models. Bask in the mesmerizing glow of these vibrant confections while the sugar high sets in. Tabletop lighters were all the rage back then, and this brings a touch of vintage class to your joint smoking routine, which is, of course, one of Edie Parker’s specialties. $195

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Leansy Vinyl Toy
Every smoker’s den needs some decoration, and post-Complexcon-pre-Designercon, you can’t forget to include a vinyl toy in there as well. This year, the Australian artist Leans dropped their first-ever figure along with a second colorway, additional accessory, and a sidekick figure. From his studio in Mount Nebo, an area in Queensland, Australia, that has around 420 people (according to Wikipedia). The first round sold out in a flash, but the vintage-style colorway is still available, and a new ‘Sport’ version will be dropping in January. Set this bad boy up on the shelf and watch your artsy, hash-smoking friends stop mid-inhale to ask, “Is that a Leansy figure?” $280

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Justin Lovato “Cultivate” Fine Art Print
Northern California native Justin Lovato has the kind of art that you could find yourself falling into, like Mary Poppins. The lush tones and rich shading are the result of Lovato’s deep connection to the patterns and designs found in nature. In his bio, he admits that his hope is that his artworks “stimulate and inspire by creating a node of beauty among the aesthetic of nature.” For 4/20 last year, he released a special print with The Chambers Project that’s a must-have for anyone who’s ever farmed cannabis. This is an edition of one hundred 18×24” letterpress prints made on a Heidelberg Press. $200

Smokin’ selections for packing bowls and ripping dabs right out of the box.

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A24 Talk To Me Party Hand Pipe
This frighteningly cool gift is perfect for any horror film or movie collectibles fan on your list. To celebrate the spine-chilling A24 release “Talk To Me” from directors Danny and Michael Philippou, these limited-edition prop replicas were created and turned into pipes that allow the dead to inhabit your body. Just kidding, but it does look eerily like the ceramic-encased severed hand in the film, covered in the names of its previous victims, and it’s a pretty damn cool pipe to pack up and pass to your friends. A24 assured us that it’s easy to clean with some pipe cleaners. $110

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Puffco Plus Hash Hitter
Whether you’re walking the dog, taking a bathroom break at the movies, or leaning out the sliding glass door of your parent’s house, this is the hashsmoker’s sneak a toke. Updated from its previous model, this comes in either an Opal or Onyx finish and is wonderfully straightforward: use the scoop in the lid to drop in some hash, push button, and inhale. You get nice clouds and great flavor when used properly, so remember to keep it upright during inhalation and don’t overpack it. Since it’s also a 510 battery, you can use it with your existing cartridges, but it isn’t USB-C compatible, so you’ll need to keep another charger on hand for the Plus. $89

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Dreamfire Glass Dreamsaber
If you have ever been alone, picked up your bong, and imagined it was a lightsaber? Well then, young padawan, you are in luck. Out on the Oregon coast lives a master named Seth Hamm, who constructs custom, functional glass sabers and blasters. Hundreds of programmed neopixel lights are embedded in a glass core within the glass blade. There’s motion-sensing software to make the ‘swoosh’ noise and the recycler design improves function, making it an elegant piece of smokeware for a more civilized age. $2,800 – $3,500

cannabis world news product reviews promos image of Carta vaporizer

CARTA 2 Bordeaux
If you’re shopping for an e-rig this season (for you or as a gift), Focus V dropped a brand new CARTA 2 colorway with matching electronic dab tool. The powder matte finish on both really shows off the rich, deep red and it can’t be overstated how big the rips through this device are. It’s why so many Focus V fans like to tell you, “CARTA hits harder.” We recommend pairing it with one of the Bellz Glass Yoshi carb caps they just released on their site as well. $375

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