Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson is an independent writer and designer with a BA in Creative Writing from Humboldt State University. He has been working with cannabis in California since the early 2000s and has experience with both the traditional and recreational markets. A fan of stoner music, art, and technology. You can find his work highlighted by brands as well as publications.

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Over the last four years, California Artisanal Medicine, or CAM, has risen through the ranks…

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Now that 2022 is behind us,  it’s time to walk through the gravejard where I…

Buds by Decibel
Ten Tigers from Hall of Flowers

Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa chapter has wrapped up another year. There was great weather,…

Band performing indoors at Puffcon event
The Double Click Heard ‘Round The World: Puffco gathers 5,000 people for the return of their LA festival – Puffcon

At a time when cannabis accessories have become futuristic and sleek chameleons slipping seamlessly into…