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Mama Gaia

Mama Gaia

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About the Piece

Mama Gaia arose from being inspired by the true “Women in Weed” … those that were featured in the issue of Skunk last year. I was thinking of the mothers, the daughters, the tirelessly fighters that only wished for a better life for all. For access to medicine. In creating this illustration, I saw how dropping into the feeling, loving nature of the cannabis plant was the key to seeing past the issues. To return to the garden of ease, of sensation and love.  It breaks my heart how such a beautiful plant, a true gift from God, is so stigmatized and demonized. The colors are inspired by the amazing colors found in different strains and plants. It was a true honor to create this piece for Skunk, honoring our women in weed.


“My art and mission to advocate for the creative soul simply reflects my story, your story, the jumbled story of the human spirit. I try to make the uncomfortable and imperfect beautiful, to find beauty in the grit. Some of my art explores the vastness of our souls and what exists between the internal and external self. Life is messy and multi-faceted, so is my art but I try to move through it as gracefully as I can.”

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Janelle Despot is an artist living and working in San Diego, California. She translates her gift in many ways: illustration, mixed media painting, collage, designing and branding for unique entrepreneurs and businesses, and mentoring emerging artists. Art has always been the driving force behind her life, a way to see past the illusion of “reality” and create her own path. As a deeply spiritual and cosmic person, she owes her visions and success to peering into and embracing her shadows, reveling in all that makes us human, and to the never-ending quest towards truth. Please view to see more of her art.

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