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CBD Vaping 101: Why So Many Are Making the Switch

CBD Vaping 101: Why So Many Are Making the Switch

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Everyone knows that hemp has many uses beyond getting high, right? For centuries it’s been an important fabric in civilizations around the world, and the ancient Chinese, Dutch, Egyptians, Indians and Greeks all found medicinal value in hemp. In recent years, modern scientists have validated what the ancients knew — hemp is one of the best plant-based things you can put in your body.

Why? Because hemp contains cannabidiol (CBD), and dozens of other compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system we have in our bodies. People suffering from epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, chronic inflammation and many other diseases are all seeking relief by taking non-psychoactive CBD, usually in the form of capsules, tinctures or a thick paste.

See how I worded that? Very carefully. You know why? For now, CBD is considered a dietary supplement; therefore, given our current regulatory structure, you won’t see CBD companies making specific claims about what CBD can do. So we can’t claim that it has any medicinal value. But more advanced research and clinical trials are underway on this traditional, pharma-free remedy — and more people are discovering CBD every day. It’s causing a lot of excitement among people interested in maintaining good health, as well as those fighting chronic disease.

As SKUNK has reported previously, there are plenty of ongoing innovations in CBD delivery. But I believe that none are as exciting as what we’ve developed at Vape Bright: A safe, effective, and actually pleasurable way to immediately deliver a controlled dosage of clean, high-quality, organic CBD.

Here’s what I mean: You don’t have to choke down a foul-tasting paste, or a tasteless capsule and wait for it to digest. You don’t even have to swish a liquid around under your tongue for a minute or two. All you have to do for a dose of clean, organic CBD, is inhale vapor and blow it out. As many times as you like, according to your own needs and wants.

Now, not all vape oils are created equal. Unlike most, Vape Bright contains no propylene glycol (PG). We kept it out of our product for good reason; PG is a toxic substance, used in antifreeze and other things that have no place in your body. At high temperatures, PG converts into nanoparticles that are known to cause damage to respiratory organs, and cause other diseases you can read this guide to know more.

Why would anyone allow PG into their product? It’s the easy way out I guess. But first and foremost, we are about protecting the health of our customers, so we kept toxic ingredients out of our product. We also realize that people enjoy the taste of hemp, and its wonderful cousin, marijuana. And knowing some chemistry, we devised a way to add terpenes, which give cannabis its dank and fabulous aromas, back into the Vape Bright formulation.

The result is a unique and powerful product. Vape Bright delivers 200MG of CBD in one cartridge — over 1 MG per puff. Easy, convenient, and damn tasty. And at a price that’s a better value than many competing products.


It’s been a lot of fun introducing Vape Bright this year — the reaction from customers has been fantastic. Here are comments from two verified customers:

“This is the best product in the cannabis Industry! I was looking for something 100% organic and natural with no additives. And this product delivers that. Definitely will continue to purchase this product.”

— T.C.

“I can’t say enough about this natural option to decrease stress & anxiety. It’s more effective than many of the other over the counter supplements that I’ve tried. And more subtle than you would ever expect.”

— J.B.

We’re getting dozens of comments like these. Check them out, and order your Vape Bright now at Is vaping the best way to get your CBD? We invite you to try convenient, easy-to-use Vape Bright — and let us know what you think!

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