Janelle Despot

Janelle Despot is a multi-faceted, proud neurodivergent creative — illustrator, perpetual doodler, dreamer, and creator of visual poetry and words to evoke the heart. She's passionate about art and cannabis' ability to heal and empower our truest selves.
From a young age— Janelle always sensed something on the other side of "perceived reality." This inner knowing led to a life of spiritual exploration, art, and alternative living. She's followed a winding path from painfully shy "art girl", to the island of Tasmania to study art and find her tribes. She graduated with a fine art degree from UCSB and a desire to design her own way forward: ex-surf instructor, subpar barista, underground art show thrower, t-shirt and apparel graphic artist in the fashion industry, artistic visual brander, longtime creative Mystic, facilitator of healing art experiences— and member of the Skunk Family's emerging Art/Design Team.
Past clients/creative collaborations include: Magic-Flight Handheld Vaporizers (Deck of Essential Wisdom), Urban Decay, Liquid Force Wakeboards, Maui & Sons, Lost, Reef, Suburban Riot, Mad Engine (in-house art team), Wonka Gallery, Indie Yoga, and many healers, body and energy workers :)

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