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Terpene Tournament Ohana Edition: A Celebration of Cannabis Flavors, Community, and Education

Terpene Tournament Ohana Edition: A Celebration of Cannabis Flavors, Community, and Education

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The recent Terpene Tournament Ohana Edition, held at Ohana Cannabis (, has come to an exhilarating conclusion with Clayborne Co. ( emerging as the clear winner. The event was a resounding success, offering attendees a delightful fusion of cannabis experiences, including 9 minutes of hot box heaven in Ohana’s Lounge Tasting Room, delectable edibles, and mocktails at the bar.

We are thrilled everybody got to experience 9 Minutes of pure hot box heaven in Ohana’s Lounge Tasting Room and enjoy the yummy Edibles and mocktails at their bar. One of the highlights of the tournament was the Cafe Rack, where drinks flowed, socializing thrived, and educational discussions took place. Participants had the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the various sponsors and contributors, gaining insights into their offerings and contributions to the cannabis industry.

Ohana Cannabis, Chiefing, Clayborne, Connected, Pure Beauty, Presidential, Canndescent, Kanha, Sherbenski, Pacific Stone, and Terplandia were among the fantastic partners and sponsors that played an integral role in the success of the event. Each sponsor showcased their commitment to innovation, knowledge sharing, community building, and medical cannabis advocacy, pushing the boundaries and exploring endless possibilities within the industry.
Throughout the tournament, the organizers made a conscious effort to promote equity, compassion, and legacy in the cannabis industry. Partnering with companies that shared these values was a testament to their dedication to a more inclusive and responsible cannabis community.

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Attendees were treated to an educational seminar led by me, Tony Bowles, Chair of the Bay area Americans for Safe Access chapter (, and the creator of Terpene Flashcards (, and an expert on cannabis and terpenes. Tony provided an informative overview of terpenes, shedding light on their significance in determining the flavors, aromas, and effects of different cannabis strains. This knowledge empowered participants to engage in a unique tasting experience.

Each participant received a tasting card, and each strain or cultivar was labeled with a number. The attendees had the task of guessing the top three terpenes present in each strain, rating them based on aroma, flavor, and overall appeal. Additionally, participants were encouraged to choose the strain with the best terpenes or the most captivating aroma and flavor. The strain that garnered the highest average score was declared the winner, and Clayborne emerged victorious, capturing the hearts and palates of the attendees.

The Terpene Tournament served as a celebration of the distinctive flavors and aromas found in cannabis strains. It aimed to create an immersive experience for the community while highlighting the positive impact that cannabis can have on individuals and society as a whole.
Ohana Cannabis, the host dispensary, is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality, sustainably-grown cannabis products. By ghosting this event, they demonstrated their dedication to fostering a vibrant cannabis culture that promotes education, community engagement, and the accessibility of medical cannabis.

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The organizers of the tournament, Tony Bowles and Samantha of Kind Philanthropy (, carefully curated this unique cannabis experience. They ensured that the event not only showcased the diversity of cannabis strains but also emphasized the values of legacy, equity, and compassion. Their focus on enabling access to the benefits of medical cannabis reflects a broader mission of promoting community impact and inclusivity within the cannabis industry.

These Terpene Tournament events have been resounding successes thanks to the support of sponsors, contributors, and hundreds of participants. Terplandia, led by Cristine, has been a valuable contributor to both tournaments. Terplandia’s Terpene Bubble Machine captivated the hearts and minds of all who encountered it, offering a truly magical experience. Hosting the event will be the fantastic Ngaio Bealum, a renowned celebrity, comedian, and host of Netflix’s Cooking On High.

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The Terpene Tournament Ohana Edition was a testament to the evolving cannabis landscape, where innovation, education, and community come together to create memorable experiences.

By bringing together sponsors, participants, and advocates, the event solidified the importance of collaboration in shaping the future of cannabis. As the tournament concluded on a high note, the anticipation for the next terpene tournament grows, promising even more excitement and exploration of the endless possibilities within the cannabis world.

Photos Courtesy of Terpene Tournament. Credit goes to participants and staff that shared the many photos and videos as well @terpenetournament @ohanacannabis

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