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Nothing But Fire; the Defining Platform Where California’s Most Talented Cultivators Showcase their Skills and Innovative Techniques

Nothing But Fire; the Defining Platform Where California’s Most Talented Cultivators Showcase their Skills and Innovative Techniques

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Nothing But Fire is an annual California-based event focused on cannabis cultivation and the cultivators that grow the most premium of the premium. Nothing But Fire held their 2nd annual event and competition this year at Optimistic Studios near LAX, catering exclusively to premium indoor flower cultivators in California. 

I attended the event as the featured journalist, sponsored by Weedgets LLC in Los Angeles, on Saturday, September 9, 2023. It was nothing short of an elevated experience, and as promised, nothing but fire was found all over the studio; this includes the DJ, the host, the body paint models, and collective energy in the space. Each vendor booth provided a different but very premium elevated experience, and together they helped create clouds sent from the ground into the sky. Everything rolled in a paper or leaf, everything dabbed, and everything stuffed into a bowl, was fire.

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Photo Credit: Weedgets LLC

It was important for me to cover an event that focuses on the most essential person in the industry; the cannabis cultivator. It was also important for me to cover the legacy and highlight the ones that paved the way for cannabis to become an industry, and those that started educating us on the power of cannabis as medicine before it was cool to do.

I wanted to get to know the human behind the mission too so I got with Mikey Kush, founder of Nothing But Fire to learn more about him, his history, Nothing But Fire: past, present, and future, host of the event Cannabis Talk 101, and award recipient, Mieko Hester-Perez

This is for the culture!

Get to Know Founder of Nothing But Fire, Mikey Kush 

cannabis world news events competitions image of Mikey Kush and his life partner/spouse
Mikey Kush (on the right) and his life partner/spouse. Photo Credit: Nothing But Fire

Mikey Kush is a notable figure in the cannabis industry. Mikey is an industry insider with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the cannabis world. His wealth of experience and deep understanding of the industry have made him a respected and influential voice in the field.

He is a devoted family man who cherishes spending quality time with his children. This commitment to family values and his strong sense of responsibility extend into his personal and professional life. Mikey works with at-risk teens in California, using his own life experiences to provide guidance and support to young individuals who may face challenges similar to those he overcame.

 He is dedicated to honoring his family lineage as a leader. He draws inspiration from his heritage and upbringing, channeling it into his work to make a positive impact on the community. Notably, Mikey is deeply committed to assisting single mothers and their families, recognizing the struggles they often face. This passion stems from his own upbringing and the profound influence of his mother, who played a pivotal role in shaping the person he has become.

In his professional life, Mikey incorporates his values and experiences into his events, making them not just about cannabis but also about empowerment, community, and support. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, family, and a commitment to helping others.

Nothing But Fire Q&A with Mikey Kush

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Seen in the image: 2nd and 3rd from left is founder Mikey Kush and host Cannabis Talk 101. photo Credit: Nothing But Fire

Please tell me the meaning of Nothing But Fire.

Nothing But Fire is a prestigious event that serves as the ultimate proving ground for those who have dedicated themselves to the art and science of cultivating top-tier cannabis strains. With a sharp focus on quality, “Nothing But Fire” sets the gold standard; it embodies the essence of excellence in cannabis cultivation, igniting a fierce yet friendly competition among growers who continually raise the bar for the industry. In this unique arena, the pursuit of perfection in indoor flower cultivation takes center stage, reaffirming California’s status as a leader in the world of high-quality cannabis production.”

This was the 2nd annual Nothing But Fire Invitational in Los Angeles, what changes were seen this year that weren’t in place last year?

“The 2nd annual Nothing But Fire Invitational in Los Angeles brought several notable changes that distinguished it from the previous year’s event. One of the most significant enhancements was the introduction of live judging, a dynamic addition that allowed attendees to witness the evaluation process firsthand, providing transparency and an immersive experience for all. Additionally, the event relocated to a new venue, Optimist Studios near LAX, which not only offered more space but also improved accessibility for international guests and corporate sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, this year saw the inclusion of influential partners such as Advanced Nutrients, WYLD Gummies Brands, and Weedmaps, further elevating the event’s profile and expanding its reach within the cannabis industry. These changes collectively contributed to making the 2nd annual Nothing But Fire Invitational an even more engaging and impactful celebration of premium indoor cannabis flower cultivation.”

Can you share the overview of how Cannabis Talk 101 became the host of the event?

“Cannabis Talk 101’s role as the host of the event can be attributed to the longstanding partnership and shared vision between its founder and host, Christopher Wright, and the event organizers. Christopher Wright is a seasoned professional in the cannabis industry and has a rich history of collaboration and mutual respect within this space. Recognizing the importance of community engagement and support, as a dedicated businessman, and an influential insider in the cannabis industry, was the natural choice to spearhead the event. His commitment to both the cannabis sector and community events made him the perfect candidate to bring this gathering to life. Under his leadership, Cannabis Talk 101 has embraced the opportunity to not only showcase the industry’s advancements but also contribute to the growth and unity of the cannabis community.”

cannabis world news events competitions two men and a women pose with award
Seen in the image- in all black in the middle: award recipient Mieko Hester-Perez. Photo Credit: Nothing But Fire

Can you tell me about the award presented to Mieko Hester-Perez and the reasons behind it?

“I have had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Perez for well over a decade, and what initially drew me to her was the striking resemblance between her life journey and my own upbringing. It was during the event that I discovered a profound connection: back when I owned my dispensary, her son Joey was enduring an extended stay in the Intensive Care Unit, battling both Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and autism. Despite our limited means, our dispensary had been quietly offering her financial assistance, even if it was as simple as taking her other two children out for dinner. What I was unaware of until later was that our support had been instrumental in ensuring she had a roof over her head, a revelation I made following Joey’s tragic passing in 2018. Witnessing what Mrs. Perez had done for both the cannabis industry and her beloved son, I realized that her actions mirrored what my own mother would have done for me under similar circumstances.”

Will there be a 3rd annual and beyond; at Optimistic Studios? Why Optimistic Studios?

“Yes, we are in talks with Optimist Studios for 2024. This location proves ideal, especially as our event continues to grow in terms of ticket sales and attracts international guests. Optimistic Studios is suitable and accommodates a large audience making it a promising venue for future iterations of the event.”

Final Words

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Photo Credit: Author

The entire event was one for the books. Nothing But Fire is for the culture, for the people, for the fire. Some of the most heartfelt experiences at the event were stories. The stories are rooted in legacy: hardship, loss, gain, perseverance, gratitude, and more. Many of the self-funded companies in the venue were founded and led by the cultivators themselves and so I didn’t experience employees, I experienced the humans that built their business up from beneath the soil. 

One of the most memorable experiences was the giving of the award to Joey, presented to and accepted by Mieko Hester- Perez. I asked Mieko to share a little about receiving and accepting this award and what the legacy has done for the industry. She stated:

“Joey stood as a stalwart advocate for Master Cultivators, their dedication to my non-verbal son on the autism spectrum has gone global as more states and countries adopt cannabis legislation. To date, these master cultivators have not received enough recognition for honoring the truest definition of preserving life through their genetics.” 

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Photo Credit: Weedgets LLC

Huge thank you to my sponsor, Weedgets LLC. and Fruit Slabs. Their support allowed me to fly out to experience and capture a legendary event. 

Weedgets LLC, makes innovative, patented smoking devices allowing you to remove the worst parts of smoking: harsh throat burn and debris; and provides products that allow inhaling with the smoothest hitting weed pipes and tips, like their best-seller: MAZE-X Pipe

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Fruit Slabs are California’s award-winning healthiest edible owned & operated by Brandon Dorsky and Maggie Wilson with founder Brian Cona. Born in 2015, transitioned in 2018 and kosher certified in 2019, Slabs has pushed nature’s candy (fruit) mixed with the devil’s lettuce (cannabis) since before it was trendy. 

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