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The Organic Cup: A New Era in Cannabis Culture – March 11-17, Barcelona

The Organic Cup: A New Era in Cannabis Culture – March 11-17, Barcelona

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Introduction to The Organic Cup

In the midst of smoky convention halls and social clubs, a revolution unfolds that has begun to redefine the international cannabis landscape. This revolution is The Organic Cup, an event that I envisioned as a sanctuary for the soul of the cannabis community — natural, healing cannabis.

As the founder of The Organic Cup, my journey in cannabis and advocacy has been both a pilgrimage and a crusade aimed at elevating the conversation around cannabis beyond mere consumption to its rightful place: as a catalyst for human potency.

Following the raid on the Gage Green Group in 2017, we found ourselves at a crossroads. The choices were clear: bow to the oppression or rise from the ashes with a renewed commitment to natural farming and natural healing. We chose the latter, and in doing so, we not only reaffirmed our dedication to the craft but also laid the foundations for the world’s first Organic Cup in Michigan.

My mission has always been working towards a future with more knowledge of natural farming and natural healing. In 2011, we founded the Probiotic Farmers Alliance, Gro-Kashi, and helped solve many of the industry’s problems with ancestral natural farming methodologies.

Our mission for The Organic Cup is to create a platform that not only celebrates the art of organic cannabis cultivation but also fosters a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the principles of permaculture, epigenetics, and natural regeneration.

Too many events ignore the organic community and the importance of natural, healing medicine. Since 2018, we have brought together the organic community in Michigan, New York, and Barcelona.

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Barcelona: A Canvas for Change

Choosing Barcelona as the venue for the Organic Cup was no coincidence. With its rich art, architecture, and cultural history, this city provided the perfect backdrop for an event that aimed to challenge the status quo.

Barcelona’s open-minded spirit and vibrant cannabis community offered a welcoming embrace to our vision, allowing the Organic Cup to blossom in ways we had only dreamed of. Most of Barcelona’s best farmers and hashmakers are already organic-based, a reflection of what is to come.

In collaboration with Terp Tower Invitational, The Organic Cup has evolved into a week-long odyssey through the best clubs Barcelona offers, from its world-renowned social clubs and hidden treasures known only to locals. The Spannabis Cup in March brings together the international community, and we host The Organic Cup at various social clubs throughout the week.

From March 11 to March 17, The Organic Cup will host social club tours, lectures, competitions, and after-parties in Barcelona to celebrate natural farming.

A unique highlight this year is the ‘Conventional v Organic’ Competition, a unique contest between the winners of the Terp Tower Invitational and the Organic Cup in a blind taste test that celebrates the two worlds coming together.

The Organic Cup welcomes all cannabis companies to participate and pledge to move towards natural methods. We are grateful for the support and love from the broader cannabis community. Many non-organic companies have supported The Organic Cup in one way or another, and we are truly grateful to bring together all worlds within cannabis.

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What sets the Organic Cup apart is not just the quality of its competition but the caliber of its participants. From the outset, we were committed to bringing together leading voices in the world of organic cannabis, individuals whose life’s work has been dedicated to advancing the cause of natural farming and healing.

Powerful voices such as Josh and Kelly of Dragonfly Earth Medicine, Steve Cantwell of Green Life Productions, Mila Jansen, the Hash Queen, the legendary Ed Rosenthal, Danny Danko, the former editor of High Times, Jeremy Silva of Buildasoil and William Padilla of Mycosymbiotes, among many others, have judged our shows and graced our stages, sharing their knowledge and passion.

The Organic Cup is a gathering of the headiest connoisseurs of cannabis, a place where ideas for the future of cannabis are shaped, and a true testament to the unifying force of organic cultivation and natural consumption.

Celebrating Craft and Culture

The Organic Cup is, at its heart, a competition of artisans who dedicate their lives to natural herb. The competition categories are designed to be easy to enter and to showcase the best of the best in flower, hashish, rosin, and full melt. Our judges are the most qualified and drawn from the ranks of internationally recognized leaders, bringing a level of expertise and discernment that ensures the highest standards of excellence.

But beyond the competition, the Organic Cup is a cultural phenomenon, a meeting point for exchanging ideas and deepening our collective understanding of cannabis. It’s an opportunity to explore the latest in cultivation technology and trade genetics and celebrate the achievements of those pushing the limits of what’s possible in organic cannabis.

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A Vision for the Future

As we look forward to The Organic Cup Barcelona 2024, our vision remains unchanged: to champion the cause of natural farming and natural healing, to build bridges between communities, and celebrate the plant that brings us together.

With its enchanting streets and boundless energy, Barcelona continues to be the perfect host for our annual gathering. The city’s unique blend of history, culture, and openness creates an environment where the cannabis community can thrive, sharing insights, experiences, and, above all, a commitment to the future of cannabis as a force for good.

In closing, the Organic Cup is a revolutionary new movement in cannabis. It’s a call to all who believe in the power of natural healing, the importance of sustainable cultivation, and the unbreakable bond of community. Together, we’re not just celebrating cannabis; we’re shaping its future of humanity, one plant, one show at a time.

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