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Strain Report: Skunk G-ass

Strain Report: Skunk G-ass

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Breeder: Mark Greyshock of Greenshock Farms

Genetics: Green Lantern x Double OG Sour Chem X Long Valley Royal Kush

Type: 60% Indica/40% Sativa

Yield: Medium to heavy

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Flavor and Scent: Gassy skunk

Effect: Hard and strong high not for the beginner that starts in the head and moves to the body

Speed of High: Fast straight to the head with a delayed and long-lasting body high

Medicinal: Good for pain relief and sleep

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Skunk G-ass (pron. skunk gas) was born and bred in the Sierra Foothills of Grass Valley to be a strong and vigorous grower with very good mold and bug resistance. It develops beautifully colored silver, purple, and maroon buds. The THC content tests at a high 32% and is an excellent smoke.

It was bred with some of Greenshock’s favorite plants to grow and smoke, Green Lantern, Double OG Sour Chem and Long Valley Royal Kush. Several consumer favorite traits blend beautifully in the mix of skunk and gas, leading to the name. Breeder Mark Greyshock says the name originates from the first time he smelled it, and the image that popped in his head was a skunk’s ass that just sat in gasoline.

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