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Bombatta “Nerve Gas” Tasting Notes and Commentary

Bombatta “Nerve Gas” Tasting Notes and Commentary

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Second in a series of tasting notes and effects for Bombatta Premium Cannabis Flowers… I’ll keep reviewing them as I receive them. Each one has amazing sense of place and time in the cannabis universe. The mesmerizing physical effects of each strain have blown me away.

This was named Nerve Gas, and it’s deliciously named. I’m very aware of my third eye with each toke.

Sitting in front of me is a glass container with a curious lid. Popping open the substantial magnetic top, I discovered a clever little perk. A built-in grinder. Not a cheap item- this one possesses large, extremely tactile prongs that will gently break up the perfectly cured, pungent nugs contained just within.

Cannabis of this quality offers more than just beauty and convenience; it encapsulates the emotion of cannabis as more than a passing metaphor. Cannabis can be a multitude of things to many people. I find it deeply personal. It unlocks my creative side, which is buffered by my even more creative side. Two creative sides? Well, it’s true. Is there no other one that speaks to being “Adult” …. Cannabis again? Six books, mocktail and cocktail bar programs in California means logical agility. All from cannabis?

Say it isn’t so for those who still believe that cannabis makes you an underachiever.

It’s true. This is zealously cerebral cannabis, and it works to make me more aware of the air surrounding me. This is such a vehicle for intellectualism, at least in my brain.

Perhaps I should discuss the flower at hand. Bombatta is the brand name, and it is just marvelous stuff. A nice sample of the Nerve Gas strain is punctuating my late morning.

Piquant in the nose, melting into freshly snipped French tarragon, scraped nutmeg, zesty Greek oregano, and finishing with dollops of both European petrol and crushed minerals down my throat- this cannabis is deeply bemusing, Even cracking open the jar for a quick sniff is a marvelous thing.

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Photo Credit: Warren Bobrow

What morsels await my lips and lungs? Read on.

Nerve Gas- The Marijuana Retail Report offers some clues to the lineage of this bemusing strain. They say that it is Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg with Lemon Cherry Gelato. Usually, the effect of these strains represents sleepy time for me- but in a good way. Each represents a tangible metaphor, a feeling. When combined, they become “Nerve Gas,” which is weaving a fuzzy path through my brain right now.

What a gorgeous-looking flower as well.

Tinged with green and orange hairs, a good flash photo reveals deeper coloration of dark. What kind of dark? I’d have to crack open another nug, and I’m pretty stoned right now without the need to smoke any more—at least not this very minute— that might change in the coming moments.

Oh, cancel that. I just took a deep lung hit- no coughing ensued. This is cannabis of operatic quality. It sings to me of patience and intensity. Thank you to whoever crafted this luscious beast of a flower. If my twenty-one-year-old self could smoke cannabis of this quality- what I smoked back then was pretty good, don’t get me wrong- but this is other-level stuff entirely.

What could I have achieved with cannabis of this depth? Who knows. It’s really knowledgeable stuff. Thank you for growing it for my perusal. I’m very impressed.

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Nose: Snipped French herbs punctuated by deeper notes of crushed minerals and toasty brioche toast rubbed with caramelized garlic. There are some smoky notes that are revealed in time that remind me of cold smoked stone fruit jelly moving slowly into a reverie of bittersweet chocolate and freshly whipped cream.

Mouthfeel: Summer fruit compote over hearty rye toast soldiers, toasty corn across the palate, Greek oregano, and maple butter in the throat. This is easily smoked in a bong, but for my uses, a “purse pipe” from Stonedware in Oregon will do just fine. I can control the intensity of my experience, whereas a bong hit will send me from New Jersey to Oregon in milliseconds, which is not necessarily a good idea when writing needs to get done! (cannabis of this quality is really strong stuff!) The smoke is compact and easy to enjoy. It fills my lungs but doesn’t overpower them, leading to coughing. I haven’t coughed once smoking Nerve Gas. It’s really well cured! Mexican smoked “street chilies” in the finish leading to a multi-minute vibration.

Appearance: Orange hairs and deeper green with sparkling crystals oozing glistening droplets of clear liquid. Uncanny weight for each compact, perfectly trimmed bud. Impressive

Stone: Well, this piece has taken three days to write because I keep getting sidetracked. Your grower did this! I wholeheartedly recommend this cannabis for getting nothing done that you wanted to do but got done all the things you haven’t done already. I ended up polishing all the windows in the main floor of the house. They look really great, don’t you think?

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