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22Red Cannabis Pre-Rolls: Commentary and Tasting Notes

22Red Cannabis Pre-Rolls: Commentary and Tasting Notes

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Let’s talk for a moment about an enthralling 1-gram pre-roll I smoked while out in Los Angeles a couple of months ago. I say enthralling because the overall quality of the plant opened my mind immediately. I also say that 22Red is memorable because I’ve been working on a multitude of projects simultaneously, and my tasting notes for 22Red got lost in the shuffle of running a business ( and keeping my creative juices flowing.

The art of writing is not just sitting down and making the word mean something. For that I require what I used to call in the liquor industry- day drinking. Since I don’t day-drink any longer I look to cannabis to open my creative parts of my brain.

For this I utilize cannabis. As in music, where the musician seeks inspiration to open their mind and sense of rhythm… This often takes place in the form of smoking cannabis. Just look to the jazz musicians like Mezz Mezzrow, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Billie Holiday. They all used cannabis to open their minds and stimulate their creativity. I believe it is essential to smoke cannabis, not just to get high, which is perfectly ok- but to nurture the creative elements of the plant itself.

As I said, it’s not just about getting altered. It’s the space within that this alternative form of communication exists. That magic is called upon often when I write about cannabis.

22Red stimulates that magic. Of course, the overall experience might vary from person to person, but I believe the point is clear. This is truly superior cannabis in a marketplace clogged with celebrity endorsements. In my experience, it takes more than a famous name to grow great weed. It takes passion and determination to unleash the essence of the plant. And it’s not just the growth. I believe the true exemplification of quality comes in the curing. This is where 22Red excels as I hope you discover in my tasting notes.

I’ve read many articles written about the founder (Shavo Odadjian) of 22Red. How his creativity is stimulated by the enjoyment of ultra-high-end cannabis. This thought resonates with me, as I’ve written six books and concurrently smoked cannabis for almost fifty years. Sure, I can say that cannabis as my guide to my inner self, the place where my mind opens to new possibilities.

Thank you to the growers of 22Red for nurturing your craft flowers, not just a metaphor for getting high, but moreover an experience into artfulness, inventiveness and refinement.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Summer Peach Pie in the nose leads into a bevy of baby skunks lurking under my window, European Petrol (kerosene and gasoline) comes into view carrying your olfactory into a place located deeply behind my eyeballs. This is just on a couple of dry pulls on the well-packed, just over one-gram joint. Very impressive aromatics.

Mouthfeel: What do I mean about mouthfeel? Smoking cannabis is similar to tasting wine, or is it another experience entirely? Well, to a certain extent, when you inhale cannabis, the overall impression is reminiscent of tasting fine wines that have been aged in charred barrels. I believe that the art of swirling the wine (or smoke, in this case) around your mouth and the candor of inhalation, well, it’s all very similar to me. One is liquid, and the other is smoke, but the similarities are quite profound. And writing cannabis-tasting notes are a fun topic to postulate.

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The creamy texture of well-cured cannabis flower, no stems, cuttings from lower leaf or seeds in this mix. I can swirl the smoke around my mouth and inhale it to experience the notations of rich to crystalline, all in a couple of quick puffs. Impressive flower like this needs to be enjoyed amongst friends!

Appearance: Each joint comes well sealed and very fresh when opened. The ash burns very white and holds its strength like a well-rolled cannagar. This is quality cannabis grown with love.

Stone: Quite the experience with colorful reminders throughout my brain that music was created for cannabis enjoyment. Or is it vice-versa?
I’m not sure. But this is quality and creativity in each puff. Thanks to the inspired farmers at 22Red.

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