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Strain Report: Heaven’s Gate #39

Strain Report: Heaven’s Gate #39

cannabis world news strain reports Heaven's Gate #39 plant

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Strain Name: Heaven’s Gate #39
Height: Medium stature
Weight (yield): Cash crop
Flowering time in days: 56-65
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: New Age Exotica Hybrid
Taste (burned and unburned): Nutmeg, Gunpowder, Skunk funk
Scent (burned/unburned): Blackberries, rotten apples & chemicals
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Dark purple almost paint it black
Speed of high onset: Fast

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Heaven’s Gate #39 from PSGXWORLD is the F¹ crossing of Kevorkian NorCal Poison Apple X Blood Bath from the Murder, She Wrote feminized photo period line.

Only available inside the artistic handmade PSGX Murder, She Wrote complete boxset with limited HG39 packs. The boxset was numbered and titled Kill Em All as a play on words for “Collect Them All”.

We had a really hard time getting the mysterious Poison Apple to actually take pollen when we bred the line. HG39 is a dark almost black at times strain that dumps at 5% while smelling of blackberries, rotten red apple, chemicals yet she tastes of a nutmeg gunpowder straight up astringent fruit skunk funk.

She cures up nicely in a freakishly low moisture percentage way and shows her cutting-edge New Age Exotica lineage through bag appeal. This strain is just waiting for you to put her in the West Coast mylar pack game and get you paid.

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I made a HG39 selection as the Breeder selection then did an S¹ with her for fun to keep up with the demand. Then we were able to secure the Patrick Wilson KCMO cut & the Derek Sutcliffe cut out of St Charles Illinois both of those I feel are better than my Breeder selection even humbly so expect some crazy shit in the future. PSGX has a huge pool of people that hunt our gear so I am very fortunate to be able to hunt for phenos so vast and broad.

Shout out $$ Wetto from the ghetto YungXrist for the inspiration on the name.

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Photo Credits: Patrick Wilson KCMO & Derek Sutcliffe St Charles Illinois



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