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Three Killer Cannabis Gadgets for 2022

Three Killer Cannabis Gadgets for 2022

Killer Cannabis Gadgets - PAX 3

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Yo, my esteemed homeskillets. Today’s killer cannabis gadgets article lands on an LED light that I think is top shelf for full-term cannabis growing, using all-natural growing methodology. I also included a moisture meter in today’s article. Because I am a banged-up old guy, lifting 5-gallon pots in the back of packed tents can be an issue. Using (getting the hang of) moisture meters can really help you out with this. It just takes a little getting used to, much as a soil pH meter does. Last but not least by any means, my very favorite of all-time, portable flower vaporizer … Let’s begin there…

Killer Cannabis Gadget for Portable Flower Vaping: The PAX 3

I have owned a PAX vaporizer (a few) over the last 15 years or so. Hands down the best portable vape I have ever used or seen out in “the wild.” Super-efficient and seriously economical, along with various power settings that allow even weeds enthusiasts like me with bad lungs to use it without aggravating my lungs. I have owned PAX 1, 2, and now use a PAX 3. I have had my latest one for around 5 or 6 years now, I think. Uber reliable.

These portable vapes will set you back about $200.00 or so, and in my experience, they are well worth the cost. Online you can get a few great accessories I will tell you about here later. These are rechargeable, a full charge lasts about 3 or 4 full bowls. A packed bowl is about as much cannabis as a good-sized doobie. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge when depleted. Cleaning them is not hard once you get the hang of it. I use mine almost every day at least once, and I need to clean it every couple or few weeks.

Using a vaporizer of this quality is just exactly like smoking Honey Oil. It is just pure resin vaporizing off the flowers into your lungs. The flavors are extreme baybee. Having the high-quality temperature control of the PAX 3 is the greatest part. Many vapes I have used don’t have the meticulous temperature control for true vaping. Many of these actually partially smoke the herbs while also vaping—not cool. Check out a little bullet list…

PAX 3 Bullet List
  • Efficient: Yessir, if I load about half a bowl, about the amount of a thin doobie, I can puff on it for about 15 minutes and get far more baked than I would have from smoking that sized doobie. Like … way more baked.
  • Economical: When I am doing bongs and rolling doobies, and I go through say ¼ ounce a week of cannabis, I could seriously cut that amount almost in half using the PAX 3. The kicker is I would have gotten way more out of that 1/8th ounce vaping than the ¼ ounce smoking. So, this cannabis tool can really save you if you experience that whole “feast and famine” cycle of growing your own cannabis. Or saving money buying weeds.
  • Low-Quality Weeds: Here’s a really good facet of high-quality vaporizers like the PAX… Even if you screw up your grow, like accidentally seeding it up, or otherwise getting a lower quality turnout, you can still vape those weeds and they will be quite delicious compared to trying to smoke them. Even low-quality “dirt weed” can take on a whole new higher status using a quality vape like the PAX.
  • Lung Health: Now, if you are relatively new to vaping, you have to get over the whole sensation of smoking. You won’t be exhaling big clouds of vapor like you would be smoking. Get used to it. If you start your PAX bowl out on the lowest setting (1 of 4) you can go easy on your lungs. Just turn up the power very slowly as you consume it. Like smoking Honey Oil, using the PAX will also deliver un-holdable hits using quality weeds on higher settings out of the gate. So, build up power slowly.

Killer Cannabis Gadget for Growing: 420h LED Light

This is a great full spectrum LED light my friends. I have been using these lights for a few grows now and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They rival my very favorite flowering lights ever, the Eye Blue Hortilux metal halide lights. I would have to rate my Eye Blues a bit higher than the 420h LED lights, but not by much—it’s close. I think what makes the Eye Blues a bit better is their UV spectrum. Nevertheless, these 420h lights are the bombdillio.

Killer Cannabis Gadgets for Real, the 420h Full Spectrum LED Full Term Grow Light
Killer Cannabis Gadgets for Real, the 420h Full Spectrum LED Full Term Grow Light

You can check these LED lights out over at NextLight LED Lights, and if the 420h is a bit too much bang for you, take a look at their Core series of LEDs. Let’s bullet list some finer points…

420h Full Spectrum LED Bullet List
The 420h Powers Up Some Damn Decent Yields and Potency
The 420h Powers Up Some Damn Decent Yields and Potency
  • Running Temps: These lights run much cooler than a 400-watt HID light for sure, but they do run a bit warmer than lower wattage LEDs. These LED lights are 400 watts as well. I use them in 3×3 Gorilla Grow Tents all good, venting the tents themselves.
  • Cost: Go to the NextLight website in the link above. I think you’ll agree that the 420h is priced right—hint, it’s going to be less than you think ?
  • Full Term: These are full-term lights all the way. From sprouting to flowering. They run at 4,000 kelvins for color temperature.
  • Footprint: The footprint is awesome especially for tents, wow! But the light size itself is also very cool. It almost goes wall to wall in my Gorilla tents, which is great, delivering more lighting all over the plants, into all the nooks and crannies. Much better than a single point source light like HID or smaller sized LEDs.
  • Adjustable Power: I love this feature so very much! 4 Power levels to choose from. I use this feature for two reasons. When my temps are getting a bit too high in the tents as they do on some very hot summer days, I simply reduce the light’s power to like 50%, and problem solved. Also, I like to have them on 50% power for the first and last 30 minutes of lighting while they are flowering. I do this to mimic Mother Nature (sunrise/sunset). Seems to me to really make those terpenes PoP!

Killer Cannabis Gadget for Growing: Moisture Meters

Soil Moisture Meter
Soil Moisture Meter

These, the halfway decent ones, actually work really well, with practice. These are a lot like soil pH meters when it comes to needing to get the hang of how to use them so they will give you accurate info. In the photo above you can see my moisture meter for soil. These are super easy to use correctly, but also really easy to use incorrectly. Let me give you the 411 here…

You want to always have a clean probe to start with, just like for sex—LoL. Never use any kind of cleaning solutions on the probe. You sink the probe into the container soil about halfway between the stem and the outer rim of the container. Sink the probe to a depth of about ¾ of the way to the floor of the container. For your first reading allow the probe to stay in the soil for several minutes. After that the readings are basically instant.

When you first start to use it, as you get the readings, also lift your containers to verify their level of moisture. This will give you a benchmark of how dry your containers actually are when the meter registers various moisture levels. Wipe off between readings with a clean cloth, and boom.

These things help me out a lot when my tents are crammed full of plants that are a bit hard for an old guy to reach and lift. Just use them while you are also lifting your containers for the first few times, and you will get the hang of using them correctly fast.


Talk about killer cannabis tool accessories, check out a couple of must-haves for your PAX 3…

PAX 3-D Screen
PAX 3-D Screen

The 3-D screens are better, I think. The original PAX screens are totally cleanable with a wire brush and some alcohol, but the 3-D screens are much easier to clean. You have to clean the 3-D screens more often but not way more. Normal screen can go several weeks of heavy vaping, 3-D screens would go about 2 weeks.

PAX Bumper End Caps
PAX Bumper End Caps

If you are going mobile with your PAX, this is a killer cannabis gadget accessory you gotta have. These end bumper caps are primo to keep pocket lint out, as well as protect your PAX from falls. I always use these whenever I go mobile with my PAX 3.

killer cannabis gadgets

Another BIG quality of the PAX is that since it is a true vaporizer, there is basically no smell from it while using it. Seriously, I have vaped with peeps outside of pubs, around others, that never had a clue. However, your breath right after using it will seriously emanate cannabis aromas, LoL.

Here’s a more at-length article regarding the 420h LED lights: Product Review: The 420h LED Grow Light. Swing by Kingdom Organic Seeds and check out some healthy, potent, exotic genetics. Don’t forget to grab a copy of my TLO book, True Living Organics 2nd Edition by The Rev. I’m outty for now amigos, but I’ll be back next week for another slab of knowledge, heh heh. L8r G8rs…

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