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Blockchain and the Regenerative Movement

Blockchain and the Regenerative Movement

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What Blockchain, Crypto and the Regenerative Agriculture Movement Have in Common

Nature is open-source. That means the source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. You simply walk outside, breathe, and feel sunlight on your face and you take advantage of two of the most precious open-source gifts nature has to offer. Health and prosperity are our birthrights. The good news is that more and more people are awakening to the Regenerative Agriculture movement and ensuring future generations benefit from the well-being of this Earth with organic, and sustainably sourced products.

Beyond agriculture, there is an emerging social movement transforming how people think about abundance and prosperity. Just like nature, it is built on top of open-source technology. The blockchain has built Decentralized Finance, Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and it’s mimicking nature in more ways than you might realize. It makes sense because the best innovations have come from patterning after the abundance of nature.

Cultivating a Blockchain Mindset

Let’s start with what’s possible with the blockchain. The cannabis industry is snowballing, and consumers are clamoring for all sorts of cannabis-based topical, ingestible, and pharmaceutical products. Blockchain provides transparency and trust that is beneficial to the whole planet because it allows us to reward the best businesses for their sustainability initiatives.

Here’s how that works. Blockchain lets sellers and buyers interact directly. There’s no need for intermediaries to vouch for them as having the right to sell or the ability to buy because blockchain provides an incorruptible record of the clean transaction history.

People can store money, tokens, personal data (emails, photos, etc), assets of all kinds inside a blockchain and transfer them without having to worry about third-party influence. Now think of the food supply chain, for instance. IBM Food Trust is already using blockchain to track the origin and care of food through distribution. Imagine knowing for certain that your plant medicines were 100% organically grown and the date they were harvested.

That puts the power in your hands to reward brands whose supply chain is doing good for the planet. It’s like survival of the fittest for brands. Only now, it’s not linked to the brand with the best marketing agency, it’s linked to what we care about, life on planet Earth.

The best part… This tech is coming for the cannabis industry. It’s only a matter of time. Want up-to-date information on what’s happening in blockchain technology? Join the Discord channel here.

The Nature of Blockchain


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Let’s talk Cryptocurrencies. Have you noticed old stories of wealth and prosperity slowly crumbling? The Blockchain Revolution is increasing momentum as more and more people awaken to what is possible and claim their place at the table. Unlike traditional top-down structures where people can get paid off along the way, anyone can contribute to this social movement when they know the language. Luckily, nature can help us learn this new language, because she is the original open-source code that has inspired a massive shift in consciousness.

If you’ve ever seen a mushroom growing out of a log in the forest, it didn’t just pop out of nowhere. Mycelium is like the “roots” of mushrooms, and before that mushroom appeared above the surface, the ENTIRE log had been taken over by mycelium.

And beyond just a single log, fungal networks run underground connecting entire forests. Every tree works in collaboration with the mycelium network to contribute more prosperity and well-being for the whole. Mycelium networks deliver nutrients and wisdom to the trees and in return, the trees feed the mycelium.

Consider blockchain to be a bit like the underground mycelium of mushrooms and the applications like Bitcoin, NFTs, and the Metaverse to be the mushrooms that pop out that you directly experience. While all the new tools are sexy, it’s the blockchain underneath that’s making it all possible. You are the tree in this metaphor. You plug into the network and you benefit from the whole ecosystem.

This is different from the existing paradigm. Even though we think of ourselves as a global network on this Spaceship Earth, the truth is that the current wealth and prosperity systems are disconnected entities which leads to battling over resources. When you have all your money at a traditional bank, it’s like planting your tree in a small sandbox where you have limited space to grow. You’re not learning anything about how your money works.

When you engage with the blockchain through the new cryptocurrency systems, your understanding of how money works is naturally going to expand. This is powerful, life-changing information that can deliver generational wealth faster than you thought possible. Take the Ethereum Network for a moment as a microcosm. It is a collection of tokens that allow you to bet, stake, HODL, borrow, lend, swap, yield farm, and more. Some new money verbs weren’t available in the traditional banking systems that you may not recognize. Now that the middlemen are out of the picture, there’s more flow of capital available for the average person. Some of the things the banks were doing with your money to make more money are now available more easily for you. That’s what the nature of DeFi is all about… putting the power in your hands. YOU make interest on your money and more.

You don’t have to figure out all of this on your own. Want to dive deeper into Crypto money verbs to increase your cash flow? Join the Blockchain Onboarding Mini-Course with on their Discord channel here.

Blockchain and the Regenerative Movement

What can you do with these new money verbs? Let’s pick Yield Farming for a moment. Yes, you can farm your own money! But first, you’ve got to understand how Smart Contracts work. Honeybees are a great example to understand this concept. One hive typically has one Queen Bee who lays eggs, thousands of Drones (however only 6-8 will impregnate the queen), and tens of thousands of Worker Bees who do everything else. One mistake and the whole hive suffers.

To thrive, the honeybees have created meaningful Smart Contracts. For example, the Queen Bee lays 3,000 eggs each day. And the Worker Bees tend to those larvae, so they know exactly how many. The Queen might live 7 years or more, but after the first two years, she typically slows down egg production. If she does, the Worker Bees may choose to create a Queen Cell to raise her replacement. If they successfully raise a replacement the two queens duke it out to see who will continue as Queen Bee.

The beauty of this Smart Contract is that it protects the entire hive from collapse. On the one hand, if there aren’t enough eggs laid, there won’t be enough bees to do all the roles to ensure survival. On the other hand, the existing queen has the option to not fight the new queen and continue as a resident. Everyone wins.

How does this relate to Crypto and DeFi? First, each coin or token has a White Paper that describes its utility. Think of reading these White Papers as decoding the long-term health of this token. Is this coin or token going to improve the sustainability of the whole ecosystem in some way? Tokens that are useful to most people gain value. What makes the Ethereum Network unique is that it is an ecosystem of tokens that allows you to grow your money.

Let’s say you wanted to do some Yield Farming. It’s like being a bank and lending some money with interest. Instead of a physical bank, The Ethereum Network uses computational power that is verifying and processing transactions. You are rewarded when you help do that. Say you deposit inventory, $50 worth of $USDC and $50 worth of $DAI, into a Smart Contract that lets people trade their $USDC to $DAI or vice versa. You as the person providing the assets get to claim your portion of the transaction fee paid when other users swap their tokens. You ALL benefit from the agreement. In this contract, you are kind of like the Queen Bee laying babies and allowing the Worker Bees to come along and raise them into the next generation. That’s just one way to claim your power and grow your wealth in the new economy.

Do you geek out over the Regenerative Movement and long-term sustainability for future generations? Blockchain needs you to help inform the rules of the game. Decentralized Finance puts the power in your hands. Get started with the Discord community today.




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