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Rappers Against Women’s Reproductive Rights Bullying

Rappers Against Women’s Reproductive Rights Bullying

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This past week, the U.S. Supreme Court officially reversed Roe v. Wade. Roe is a Supreme Court case ruling that, for almost half a century,

has upheld the right for a woman to choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy depending on the state where she is seeking to have an abortion procedure performed.

The Supreme Court case came about when a pregnant woman named Roe challenged the constitutionality of the state of Texas and its past and current criminal abortion laws. Texas law states that procuring or attempting an abortion except as advice given by a medical professional is against the law. A doctor named Hallford had previous state abortion prosecutions pending at the time of the lawsuit and was included in the fight for abortion rights during these particular proceedings.

Photo Credit: Billy Dixon

And last, a married couple named the Does challenged the Texas abortion laws claiming possible harm to the wife’s body with future pregnancies. The Does, in the end, won their case. This ruling in favor of women’s reproductive rights set national precedence for protecting women’s rights to have an abortion, making them immune to facing criminal charges if abortion does occur.

Today that medical procedure, an abortion, is illegal. Billy Dixon, a Georgia native better known as BIMM AKA MANIAK, has been very vocal on his stance regarding the reversal of the supreme court ruling Roe v. Wade.

“I am a part of the “Rappers Against Women’s Reproductive Rights Bullying” movement, Bimm states. “This is a movement aimed to provide support by way of using our musical platforms for any aspect needed to support women out on their front lines defending their right to choose their reproductive paths in life.”

Photo Credit: Billy Dixon
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