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Some truth on testing…

Some truth on testing…

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THC and CBD content can vary greatly not only in different strains, but even from bud to bud on the same plant. And no, just because the strain has the same name, and even if grown by the same grower, gives no guarantee of consistency as this is a naturally forming plant. There are also different forms of testing, of which gas chromatography is the only one experts regard as the most effective in producing real results.

What about THC and CBD measurements after extraction? Well, what extraction method are you using? Every extraction method has different levels of efficiency so not all will produce the same amount of CBD and THC, even when using the same plant material for each.

There is also the human factor involved in the production process which also created inconsistencies. One producer may make a better extract than another producer despite them using the same ingredients, purely due to how well someone knows the process.

What about individual absorption of THC and CBD for each person? What is their tolerance, and to which cannabinods? How is the cannabis being ingested? Two people can have the same brownie, yet have completely different physiological responses. One person may be able to tolerate smoking cannabis, while not being able to eat it.

People seem to believe that THC and CBD are the main concerns with cannabis products. Really?? With all this testing propaganda you would think things like bacteria, mould, and foreign contaminants would be high up on the list, but no, they are not. Health Canada and retailers everywhere place more importance on how “high” it can get you, but aren’t too concerned if it contains harmful mould spores, or bacteria.

With the boom in the industry, it’s great to see so many people entering the marketplace with great products and services, but it is sad to see the downside of its emergence in today’s world. It bothers me when cannabis has been pigeonholed as a drug that requires so much scrutiny and testing when it really reflects little of the actual quality of the cannabis you are consuming.

Unless you are testing at the final stage of your product, using gas chromatography, and if you’re testing for ALL cannabinoids, AS WELL AS contaminants, your “testing” is simply ineffective and just for face value. Meanwhile, the pressure for testing has producers “guessing” and lying left, right, and centre with false THC and CBD values, while promoting its medicinal value.

By Gideon Bentata
Gideon Bentata is a writer, graphic designer, and marketing specialist working and consulting with several businesses within Canada and the cannabis industry. 

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