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Common Growing Issues

Common Growing Issues

Common Growing Issues

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I’m trying to get my video skills on here, so let’s give this a shot today in a video version of Letters to Rev. Today it’s all about some common growing issues I hear about a lot from growers. So, let’s check it out. My videos will get better and better but I hope you enjoy today’s reel.

Common Growing Issues – Useful Things

The biggest common growing issue for me as I say in the video is watering skills, because mine are lacking from time to time and I am a notorious overwatering dork! I have found ways to deal with this that I lay out in the video. There’s a question about using uber powerful bird guano as well (10-10-2) and while this is pretty extreme, it can work fine if used as I describe in the video baybee. I have some 10-10-2 seabird guano I use from time to time.

Basically 90% of common growing issues are pH related, eventually, either from too much food, or using bottled nutrients that dive your pH, or from your water source. As long as your soil is tight, pH-wise, it’s the water that needs the manipulation. I show you a dolomite lime solution in the video, b ut Earth Juice makes two crystalline products called Natural Up and Natural Down. I have found these to be acceptable to use very lightly in a living soil garden. Just remember to never raise or lower your pH by more than half a pH point!


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