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Strain Report: Seedsman Alaskan Bananaberry

Strain Report: Seedsman Alaskan Bananaberry

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Seedsman, renowned for its groundbreaking genetic offerings, continues to increase is stellar range of fantastic autoflowering cannabis varieties with the introduction of Alaskan Bananaberry Auto. Following closely on the heels of Seedsman’s great range of high-THC photoperiod releases, this autoflowering marvel adds a fresh layer of complexity to the cannabis landscape. Let’s look closer at this captivating strain, unraveling its lineage, cultivation nuances, and distinctive characteristics.

The Genetic Blend

Alaskan Bananaberry Auto emerges from a meticulously curated blend of Alaskan Purple and Strawberry Banana Punch Auto. Alaskan Purple, celebrated for its robust growth, head-turning THC content, and reputation for producing insanely high yields, forms the cornerstone of this hybrid masterpiece. Meanwhile, Strawberry Banana Punch Auto contributes the essential ruderalis genetics for autoflowering prowess while elevating THC levels and infusing an irresistible fruity aroma and flavor appeal.

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Cultivation Insight

As an autoflowering gem, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto epitomizes simplicity in cultivation. Its resilient genetics guarantee thriving performance across diverse environments, whether basking under the sun’s rays outdoors, flourishing under artificial lighting in an indoor setting, or producing the goods within the sheltered confines of a greenhouse. To further cement its standing among its autoflowering peers, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto bears the welcome distinction of an ability to finish strongly in any climate, from cool and wet environments to hot and dry landscapes. Indoor cultivators take note: Get the carbon filters fired up, because you’re dealing with a powerfully aromatic experience, courtesy of Alaskan Bananaberry Auto’s potent terpene profile.

Boasting an expeditious lifecycle, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto races from seed to harvest in a mere 8 weeks. Its robust constitution serves as a bulwark against common grower adversaries such as mold and diseases, facilitating a relatively hassle-free cultivation journey. This resilience extends to environmental variables, with the strain displaying admirable tolerance to fluctuations in humidity and drought conditions.

Visual Appeal

During maturation, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto unveils a majestic, tall central cola flanked by shorter lateral branches and sparser foliage, evocative of a sativa-esque architecture. As temperatures plummet, the light green foliage undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, cloaking itself in a resplendent pale purple hue that adorns buds, leaves and stems. This stunning metamorphosis makes Alaskan Bananaberry Auto a visual feast with high ornamental charm enhancing its visual allure during the flowering phase. Upon reaching fruition, the buds boast a moderate density, adorned with a lavish coat of trichomes, ensuring an irresistible degree of that much sought-after bag appeal.

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Potency Unveiled

A high THC content is undoubtedly still one of the easiest ways for a new strain to garner attention in the cannabis world. While potency isn’t the sole arbiter of a strain’s allure, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto certainly doesn’t skimp in this department. With THC levels oscillating between 16-24%, it firmly stakes its claim in the mid to upper echelons of potency within the autoflowering realm. Balancing indica and sativa traits with finesse, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto skillfully weaves its wonder to induce a blissful state of sedation without the oft-unwelcome encumbrance of lethargy, offering a harmonious experience for body and mind alike. Dreamy qualities abound, promoting a quality restful state suited for a late evening indulgence once the rigors of the day are done and dusted.

Stature and Yield Extravaganza

Autoflowering varieties are prized for their compact stature, making them especially beloved by cultivators looking to produce nature’s finest in space-constrained environments. Alaskan Bananaberry Auto defies convention with a potential height range spanning from 100-200cm, courtesy of its elongated central cola. Despite its towering disposition, the strain compensates handsomely with bountiful yields, yielding up to 450gm/m2 indoors and an equivalent bounty of around 450gm/plant outdoors. Note that outdoor planting later in the year will see success, but with reduced yields of around 200gm/plant. Therefore, those opting for outdoor cultivation should aim for early planting to maximize yield potential.

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Aromatic Notes and Flavor Profile

The aromatic identity of Alaskan Bananaberry Auto is a scent to behold, weaving together earthy, floral, and fruity notes into a delightful blend. The Bananaberry of the name promises fruity appeal, and the reality doesn’t disappoint. The earthy qualities of the aroma invoke images of fresh soil after a summer rain, with undertones of wildflowers. The fruity factor is present and correct with a powerful nose of sweet, succulent ripe berries, its aroma serving as a tantalizing prelude to the taste experience that comes next. True to its aromatic promise, Alaskan Bananaberry Auto’s flavor profile is a welcome fusion of sweet, juicy fruitiness, delivering a ripe and pleasant bite to every new inhale.


Alaskan Bananaberry Auto stands as a testament to Seedsman’s unwavering commitment to excellence in cannabis genetics. With its effortless cultivation, robust resilience, and captivating flavor profile, it seamlessly integrates into Seedsman’s illustrious lineage of autoflowering varieties. Whether you’re a novice cultivator or a seasoned connoisseur, the allure of Alaskan Bananaberry Auto lies in its simplicity, resilience, and the promise of abundant, top-tier yields. If you’re looking for a taste sensation that turns on the charm in any climate, you need look no further than this fantastic newcomer. Just remember the carbon filters if you’re growing indoors!

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Photo Credit: Seedsman

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