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Pink $atan

Pink $atan

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Strain Name: Pink $atan
Height: Medium stature beauty with branches poised for Scrog/LST artistry.
Weight: Generous harvest, dense, weighty buds, promising abundance
Flowering time in days: 63 days
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/Etc. Ratio: New age exotica hybrid sat dom
Taste (burned and unburned): Citrus & Sour notes, peppery core minty palate mouth coat
Scent (burned and unburned): Citrus zest, earthy pepper, creamy coco, lemony whisper, mint accents.
What dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Trichome-laden, adorned fiery red pistils pink and purple sparkle crumbled
Speed of high onset: Fast hitting friendly companion
Duration of high: Has legs ebbs and flows into your head
Quality/type of high: Energetic & clear
Medicinal qualities:  Anxiety killer, sharpen the focus and mood lifting

cannabis world news strain reports Pink Satan buds lined up in a row against black background

Pink $atan is the PSGX cross of Pre2014 Sno Cap pheno selected from the original Ken Estes Grand Daddy Purp Genetics vintage stock X Blood Bath pheno select reversed, aka the Blood Bath Murder cut.

Ken sent me the Sno Cap beans years ago, and I made a super early pink hair expression pissy jack-smelling selection in Illinois, so that was the mom. I still got the pics of the mailed original package sent too; went and cross-verified my selection with Ken Estes, and it was approved as the proper representation of Sno Cap.

We also did this throwback stock selection with Pre2014 Cocoa OG and Pre2014 Larry Berry.

These original packs were from before even the Attitude drops he did way back then. It’s kinda of strange Attitude still has them in stock since that was over ten years ago, but whatever, I guess… we know what we have is legit straight from Ken Estes and I hunted it, and properly old school verified it.

Pre2014 Larry Berry X Blood Bath is Lightship Larry

Pre2014 Cocoa OG X Blood Bath is White Chocolate Charlie

All from the Murder, She Wrote line.

So now ima let my homie Colin speak on the P$. He was one of the original tester/journalers of Pink $atan who has run it many times now:

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cannabis world news Pink Satan bud

“She’s an ice queen with a fiery heart – frosted, fierce, and fascinating. A chromatic shift during the final flowering stage reveals a spectacle of pinks and purps– a canvas of color that draws stunned admiration and the occasional expletive of disbelief. My initial foray with PSGx’s masterpiece was an untrained grow, allowing the strain’s raw aesthetics to shine. The results? It is enthralling enough to warrant a second run, this time with techniques to bolster an already impressive yield. This strain has etched its mark on my grower’s soul, with its ability to thrive creatively and remain functional, it’s the epitome of a modern muse in flora form. Secure this gem in your collection before it’s whispered into legend.” -Colin

Follow Colin McLeod online: IG: @daily.homegrown

That was my homie there, so now you know about Pink $atan… so go buy it and support a grassrooted independent New Age Geneticist who is the REAL pious fire bearer and who casts the Morningstar of knowledge, bringing light early into the darkness of foolishness.

Hail Pink $atan
Justin Lehmann the GodSunPurp

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