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Back to Basics – The Carbon life cycle and Vital Humic™ Hydro Bio

Back to Basics – The Carbon life cycle and Vital Humic™ Hydro Bio

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For a minute, let’s forget the NPKs, the CalMag, PPMs, Master BROwers, rooting hormones and endless facebook arguments. Let’s get dirty and go back to the root of it all, THE SOIL.

All living things were born of the earth and return to the earth when our cellular energy is extinguished. Whether a plant, animal, or homosapien, we share the same building blocks – we are just organized differently. Like a strong skyscraper, every living being needs a foundation… enter CARBON.

Carbon is structured in all shapes and sizes to form the vast biodiversity we see disappearing all around us. Often we see ourselves as superior from these other species of plants and animals but we just followed a different evolutionary path. ‘Everything is connected’ may sound like something your hippie friend leads with after a bong toke, but it couldn’t be more accurate. When living species die and return to the earth, microorganisms break down and ferment the carbon structures into their original compounds. Whether it be a human, horse, or tomato plant –  we all look the same after being transformed by mother nature beneath the soil.

This processed living matter forms humus, the organic fraction of soil. Humus is what determines soil fertility and drives the next generation of life. It provides a home for diverse microorganisms and facilitates the transfer of minerals from the soil to the plant. These plants then move up the food chain providing energy for the fauna such as ourselves. The most dynamic portion of humus is the organic compounds that have been transformed over long-periods of time – known as humic and fulvic acids.These complex carbon compounds are the real ‘fossil fuel’ and enable the carbon cycle to keep on cycling.

What is so fascinating is that many humic deposits, despite being found at opposite ends of the earth, have similar molecular composition. Sure geographic origin provides some variability, but your stoned hippie friend was right, everything IS connected – and soil is the great connector.

The basic principles of the carbon cycle are taught to us as elementary school students, but all the BS of capitalism tends to overcomplicate things. Our R&D team at Vital Humic™ intimately studied mother nature’s processes long before they even began formulating our fermented supplement, Vital Humic™ Hydro Bio. They understand what feeds the engine of life, creating an organic supplement that follows the laws of nature.

Vital Humic™ combines the constituents that form the basis of soil fertility in ONE dynamic supplement.

  1. Humic Substances (Humic & Fulvic acids)
  2. Beneficial Microorganisms (Probiotics)
  3. Fermented Organic Nutrients (Sea Kelp)
  4. Microbe food (Molasses)

Our team ferments this formulation together, mimicking what happens beneath the soil. Humic substances increase CEC, travel inside the plant to deliver nutrients, restrict toxins, and improve stress response. The microorganisms release enzymes that improve immunity of the microbiome and make nutrients bioavailable to the plant. Sea kelp contains the entire nutrient profile needed for vitality, and when fermented becomes readily assimilated. Finally, the molasses feeds the microbial community, both indigenous and the Vital Humic™ microbe package. It genuinely is a product that Mother (nature) would be proud of!

If our motives were impure, we would sell this product in 3-4 different SKUs. Vital Humic™ is all about doing things the right way, not just what drives the bottom line. We have made our formula affordable so that we can actually make an impact on big AG that is abusing the soil and poisoning the living earth. Our team has also realized the necessary role that hydroponics and other growing systems are playing in a climate with more volatile growing conditions. We allow soilless grow systems to access the power of fertile soil through our fermented supplements.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions, visit our website and Have a great day to all the evolved carbon structures wandering this amazing planet.


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