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Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis

Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis

Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis

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Today’s article has to do with wide ranging aspects of reaping greater benefits from cannabis. Growing, and using cannabis. I have 50 years’ worth of empirical (hands dirty) wisdom on this subject matter—what a ride—so maybe you can pick up a cool thing or two from this one. Check it out!

Whew! Just coming all the way out of my 4th COVID hit since 2020. Got the new weird one, 286. Not cool. Especially because it really loves to mess with your spine and nerves/joints in general. Only a 5-day romp with it total. 3 hard days, 2 days you’ll feel okay but not great. My girl was smart enough to get vaccinated, so it just breezed right over her like a mild cold. Me, AKA El Stupido, paid hard.

Reaping Greater Benefits from Cannabis

Tolerance to Cannabis

Tolerance is a huge, big deal when it comes to those of you (us) that are chronic cannabis users. Many decades ago, when I used to smoke real deal Honey Oil every day, for about 5 years I would say, my tolerance was HIGH-HIGH! A doobie wouldn’t even affect me. Bongloads either. Honey Oil was the only thing that I could get baked on. After about 2 weeks of smoking Honey Oil every day, those effects were lessoned quite a bit as well. So, I would smoke more and more to keep up. As one of my old mentors told me: “That’s a hell of a waste of good weed.”

Cindy Congo by Kingdom Organic Seeds
Switching Between Different Strains Helps a Little

Forever searching for more powerful cannabis and cannabis extracts doesn’t end well. I can’t tell you how many peeps have told me in the course of my life: “I can’t even get stoned anymore.” Sound familiar? The short answer is elegant and simple. You need to bring down your tolerance—full stop.

Having a couple very different strains on hand helps. Especially switching between a sativa dominant and an indica dominant. Another thing that really rocks is getting a high-quality flower vaporizer. I like the PAX 3 here. More about that later.

Beating Tolerance, the “Hard” Way

Here’s something I do from time to time, and it is wonderful. I call it a ‘Hard 21’ and it’s simply not using any cannabis for 21 days. This is nothing short of amazing after 21 days amigos. Amazing! Remember how when you used to get baked it was crazy cool? That’s exactly how it is after 21 days. I do a Hard 21 about 3 or 4 times a year to keep my tolerance under control. Once I am smoking hash for a week or so, there isn’t any doobie or weeds that will really affect me at all. Plus, it takes me more and more hash to reach my preferred baked levels. Like my old buddy said: “That’s a hell of a waste of good weed.”

G13 Haze by Kingdom Organic Seeds
It is Especially Important to Make Sure Killer Sativas Reach Maturity

More Resin Please

When it comes to reaping greater benefits from cannabis, the end of the growing cycle is huge. I’m talking resin production. Specifically, how to get the highest resin production from your plants. This of course, makes them more potent—duh. When we’re talking sativas, this means everything. The difference between a killer sativa variety done correctly or incorrectly, is ambrosia or hemp. The usual suspect here is that peeps take their sativas too early. Or their drying and curing process is not up to par. Another huge roadblock to getting the most from your cannabis is temperature control during flowering. Light distance is another large and exacerbating factor.

A Laser Thermometer is a Lifesaver as You Need to Know the Temps At the Plant Tops
A Laser Thermometer is a Lifesaver as You Need to Know the Temps at the Plant Tops

I see peeps all the time that try and goose (feed/fertilize) their plants to “save them” from starving during flowering. Wrong! After hallway through flowering, growing in soil, never goose them with nutrients. Like, ever! Even dry organic ones. You don’t want flower tops over 86 degrees indoors either, for more than a couple hours max! Won’t kill them if you do, but you’ll get less resin—wink.

Do Not Feed Your Plants out of Fear in Later Flowering
Do Not Feed Your Plants out of Fear in Later Flowering

Growing in living soil your plants SHOULD be starting to fade somewhere around halfway through flowering. Don’t panic and try to “fix” them. Just keep on keeping on. Everything will be fine. In soil growing all naturally, the fade progresses much slower than when using bottled nutrients. By the time harvest time arrives, your plants have pretty much eaten themselves down to just buds—juicy resin-soaked stinky buds.

Starting Early is a Keystone Skill

Starting Your Plants Out More Intense is Better
Starting Your Plants Out More Intense is Better

Getting the most from your cannabis starts out early in the plants’ life. Two keystone factors to top shelf cannabis are sprouting under intense lighting and allowing plants to be at least 55 days old from sprouting before starting to flower them. Higher quality LED lights, like the 420h 400 watt LED by Nextlight  have dimmer switches. This is a great option for full term growth. Sprouting under 200 or 300 watts and vegetate and flower under 400 watts works very bueno. This dynamic is important because of a little word called: Metabolism. Whatever you do, you do not want to sprout under something like shop lights. The higher the lighting energy/intensity the faster the plants mature. This is due to higher metabolism. Boom! A more mature plant at flowering reaches greater resin production than a less mature plant.  Not to mention, this greatly enhances yields.

Sprouts are basically little green childrens. You want them to grow up being used to intense lighting. Also, your environment should be approximately the same as your vegetative and flowering environments. Why? Well, metabolism baybee, and, so they will be good at it. If you spend your childhood under indoor lighting, you won’t do well suddenly being thrust out under the sunshine. Ya follow? Intensity matters, a whole lot.

Vaping Saves Your Weeds and Your Lungs

Now, when I say vaping, I’m not talking vape pens here or anything like that. What I am talking about are flower vaporizers. These are a fantastic investment and a great way for getting the most from your cannabis. My very favorite portable flower vape is the PAX 3.

Pax 3 Portable Flower Vaporizer
Pax 3 Portable Flower Vaporizer

These are rechargeable and a full charge will last for about 4 full bowls. Each bowl can be about the equivalent of a doobie. These cost a bit of moola but are well worth it. I wish I had one of these back in the days of the 4-finger lids. Those shitty weeds full of seeds and stems—about an ounce—for 10 bucks. The PAX 3 makes even the worst weeds taste and work much better than smoking. Why? Because the vaping process just “peels” off all the pure resin. It’s like you are smoking the Honey Oil version of the buds. And it’s crazy good tasting with good weeds. These are also super stealth in public. Almost zero smells emanate from the PAX, or your exhales. However, your breath will smell strongly of cannabis for a bit afterwards.

Talk about getting the most from your cannabis! I can go through about a third to a half of the volume of weeds for the same amount of punch. So, the PAX is also awesome for your cannabis economy. If I normally am smoking about a ¼ oz. per week, using the PAX I will go through more like ¼ oz. every two weeks—yup.

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Let’s do a little recap with added content shall we?

  • If my Hard 21 is a non-starter for you, LoL, I get it. But I urge you to use a watered-down version. Like a Hard 7 for 7 days. It won’t be an earth-shattering difference. But it will be impressive. Also, within the first several days, you will notice your dreams return. Cool perk.
  • You won’t want to be supplementing your plants’ nutritional needs during the last half of flowering. You’re just robbing yourself of resin production. Especially damaging is ammonium N (nitrogen). But at this point in the plants’ lives you will do damage adding anything extra beyond nano additions of anything.
  • The age of clones is exactly the same age the original seed plant would be. No matter how many clones of clones you take. Flowering clones in containers is highly desirable over seed plants. Flowering seed plants in the ground is highly desirable over clones.
  • Ice bongs are awesome! And as much as I loves me a good doobie, it’s not my favorite method of consumption. I like dry sifted hash (ersatz Temple Balls). I love-love-love smoking this through a nice glass ice bong. My second favorite is the PAX 3—or any very high-quality vaporizer. The PAX will spoil you. Smoking weeds (doobies, bongs, pipes) after the PAX is somewhat akin to smoking rope.
  • I have been using my 420h LED now for a couple of years and am very happy with it.
My Two Favorite Thick Glass Bongs with Ice Dams Built In
My Two Favorite Thick Glass Bongs with Ice Dams Built In
L8r G8rs

KOS Baybee!

See ya all next time, same Bat Channel here at SKUNK. I leave you with a question: If you’re not reaping greater benefits from cannabis. Why not? Heh heh. Pay a visit to Kingdom Organic Seeds for some healthy and exotic organic grown and bred seeds. Only one day left on the big sale over at KOS! Wanna read another article by yours truly right now? Try this: Organic Growing Styles by Rev. And… If you wanted to preorder my latest TLO book (Druid’s Guide) I would love that. Preorders help me out and bring a smile to my face heh heh. Druid’s Guide Preorder! Thank you ❤

  • REv ?

Crossword Time…

Here’s a fun little crossword that’s not very hard. Give it a shot. You might even learn something. My crosswords are mostly about cannabis related things. Spark one up and see how you do.

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