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Letters to Rev – Basic Cannabis Growing Questions

Letters to Rev – Basic Cannabis Growing Questions

Basic Cannabis Growing Questions

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Good day everyone ☺ in my Letters to Rev series I answer correspondences I have received lately regarding growing related things. Today it’s basic cannabis growing questions.

Alright then earthlings, let’s rock and/or roll with today’s “Letters” to Rev…

Basic Cannabis Growing, Question #1: TLO isn’t Complicated?

FROM: The Tammer

“Hello Rev. I have been reading a lot of your articles and I have your 2nd edition TLO book. It seems from all the things you add at all the different times, well it’s just hard to wrap my head around. How do I do TLO simplified? Can you just kind of give me the short version? I know you are busy. Thanks.


Rev’s Answer to Q1

Howdy Tammer, that’s a great question and I get several of these types of questions per month. The short version is, if you have some dolomite lime (for your water and soil recycling) and you recycle/compost a nice diverse bunch of kitchen scraps and whatnot … and you have a 15-gallon fish tank full of guppies, or some granular (granular is highly preferred but not a deal breaker) chicken/bird/bat guano, that’s all you need. Make no mistake Tammer, this will rock n roll.

I show peeps a lot of possible styles/options, I am always trying different sources and options because everyone has a special set of circumstances. Like they can’t get any greensand or no dolomite lime. Sometimes peeps environments will be uber hot, or quite cool. Growers have far different space availability, which is limiting on a broader scale. Don’t get me started about all the different special situations I have heard of over the years, yikes.

I Always Have a Few Things on Hand as Backup
I Always Have a Few Things on Hand as Backup

You could use deer poop in place of chicken guano, or rabbit poop—as long as the rabbits are fed good food. You first have to do like an area assessment of your particular situation, and what things you have easily available to you. Then just apply those things in a balanced way. TLO teaches you the balancing of elements and environments. Remember Tanner, the secret to TLO top shelf buds is a lot about what is not in them—wink.

Basic Cannabis Growing, Question #2: Help a Total Noob Cloning?


“I have recently moved to a new place that is way smaller than my last place, and it’s also too far away for me to get my reliable clones from anymore. I have a tiny 1-bedroom apartment, I have put 2, 3-foot x 3-foot tents in, and made them light-tight with some custom curtains around them using blackout fabric. Now I am growing 3 different strains I love, in clone form.

What I want to do is figure out a way to clone in a super small space, and I haven’t got enough money or space to get a real cloning machine. Can’t I just use vermiculite or Rockwool to root clones under a small light? Thanks, Rev. By the way, one of my 3 favorite strains I am running is the Chunky Cherry Thai. I love this one so much and the flavors are insane. I have been toasting my friends bad with it. Peace.”

Rev’s Answer to Q2

Hey HD, glad to hear you have discovered the secrets of the Chunky Cherry Thai, heh heh. Now, I first have to say, it made me smile when I read your question. I love how you are adapting to your new environment, and I can relate. I have grown in a very wide range of environments over the last 45 years. Here’s the good news… Oh hells yeah, I can help you out here big time man. Lemme give you a little rundown of your best options, that I know of.

Placing Cuttings Straight into Water and Leaving Them for 24 Hours is a Key Step
Placing Cuttings Straight into Water and Leaving Them for 24 Hours is a Key Step

I’m assuming you know how to take cuttings properly. If not, you need to learn. Okay, as you take your cuttings, place them into shot glasses (as in the photo above) or small glasses, labeled. Leave them in these glasses for at least 24 hours under mellow lighting, like indirect sunlight indoors, or florescent lights a few feet away. The water I like to use for these glasses is chlorinated 48 PPM tap water, or alternately, bottled Springwater.

After you remove them from the glasses, do the 45-degree final cut on the stem. Place the cutting into a blend of 50/50 perlite/vermiculite in small pots. Have these pots all on a tray, and all you have to do is maintain a small water level in the tray around ½ inch or so, always. Use cool/daylight spectrum fluorescent lights and you’ll rock it. Using Rockwool, you do the exact same thing. Just make sure the bottoms of the cuttings’ stems are at least ½ inch above the floor of the containers or the bottom of the Rockwool.

Basic Cannabis Growing, Question #3: Soil Recycling Problem?

FROM: Thomas C.

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“Well, the good news is that since I have started composting and recycling my soil, things have gone off the chain good. Thanks for all the great info Rev. I do have a small problem though when sprouting seeds. I always get a bunch of other plants like melons, tomatoes, etc. that I have previously composted. How do I avoid this? Thank you.”

Rev’s Answer to Q3
Sprouts are So Cute
Sprouts are So Cute

Okay, Tom, you’re looking at this situation from the wrong perspective. Calling any plants weeds, and thinking “bugs” and germs are bad-bad, are other unfortunate tendencies of the perspective you seem to have here. Like calling soil dirt. Dirt in my world, means lifeless soil only, if there’s any life happening in it, it’s soil baybee.

I Sometimes Pluck a Sprouted Plant Out of the Cannabis Container and Grow It
I Sometimes Pluck a Sprouted Plant Out of the Cannabis Container and Grow It

First of all, all those other little plants aren’t really bothering you, are they? I mean, they’re just future good food for the cannabis plant in the pot, no? I just cut them off at the soil line when they get too big and chop them up. Then I just distribute all that awesome nitrogen-rich organic matter just like mulch. That’s how simple that is amigo. In TLO, life happens—LoL.


TLO things last a long time recycling your soil, like azomite or langbeinite as two examples, lifetime 5 lb. supply. As you get better skilled, your additions can be more targeted towards diversity if you want, as you understand more. Just adapt to what you have available. Just keep in mind… the more diverse the input, the higher the quality of the output. All you need is a worm farm. A worm farm and guppies are sublime and fully self-sustaining. Just a worm farm or just a fish tank both work fine by themselves.

Basic Cannabis Growing Questions

I hope you enjoyed today’s Q&A on basic cannabis growing questions. Alrighty then Earthlings, time for me to work on some of the new book stuffs. I’ll be back again next Tuesday right here at SKUNK for another babbling session, heh heh. Three recent Gamblers’ Section releases over at Kingdom Organic Seeds go have a look-see. L8r G8rs…

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