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Marlon Asher – Rebirth – Music Review

Marlon Asher – Rebirth – Music Review

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Marlon Asher “Rebirth”

Marlon Asher the international reggae artist from Enterprise, Trinidad & Tobago, Also known as the original “Ganja Farmer” due to his massive reggae classic released in 2006 “Ganja Farmer” released his third full length album early last year in 2019 titled “Rebirth”. The project is a great compilation of music with a few collaborations with big artists from around the world.

It starts with the track “Healing” Where Marlon literally asks “Are You Ready For A Healing?”. Who isn’t ready for a musical “Healing”! The second track is “Through My Window” featuring Izac King also from Enterprise, Trinidad Marlons Hometown. The Lyrics talk about some of his travels in the cannabis industry, while the cannabis smoke blows threw the window, with a message from the Most High Above.

The third Track “Made In California” Featuring Slightly Stoopid From Ocean Beach, California & Fluid Foundation Also From Southern California. It’s a Song That highlights Marlons love for California & the reggae scene & movement there. The fourth tracks is “Mama Say” Marlons Favorite track on the project, is a heartfelt song to his mother & all mothers across the world, with advice his mother gave to him turning to lyrics on “Rebirth”.

Track number five is “Reggae Music” Featuring Anthony B, discussing the current state of reggae & how Marlon is Reggae music. The sixth Track is “Live On” is about defying the odds & breaking through the barriers of life and preparing for what God Means for us, love & let live. “Baby You” Track seven Featuring King Dawad From judgement yard in Jamaica, is a love track that Marlon was asked to play on the melody after a good reading with Dawad about and entertainers travels that often takes him away from the ones he loves, something everyone can relate to.

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Track Number eight is “Friends” featuring once again Slightly Stoopid, “Friends” is simply about good times & good relationships, The friends you meet along the way. “Our Life” Track nine Produced By Teflon Zincfence, Featuring Anothony B, Pressure Busspipe, and the son of Sizzla Kalongi, Meleku a blessed collaboration in which reflects on the life we live & is it right In the sight of the lord? “Cross The Border” Produced By the infamous Don Corleon is discussing the legalization of marijuana as it spreads like a wildfire across the world. “Kings Of Kings”.

Track 10 is simply On a humble level paying homage to His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I The First. “Trust In Jah” Track eleven is just what Marlon is saying in the title trust in Jah & everything will be alright. The final track on the album is “Woman I Love” is simply the rights of a man towards the woman he loves. Overall this music will take you on an amazing journey transcending through reggae music. You can find this and Marlons other musical releases on all digital music outlets worldwide.

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