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Count Klassy’s GOOD VIBES – 2020’s Cannabis Anthem Lightens The Mood

Count Klassy’s GOOD VIBES – 2020’s Cannabis Anthem Lightens The Mood

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This week, Tracy Lamourie sat down with Count Klassy, a hip hop artist who has worked behind the scenes with some of the industry’s biggest names about his brand new song, the cannabis anthem “GOOD VIBES.”Count Klassy sitting in the studio

TRACY LAMOURIE :  “Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music and also about your cannabis themed song Good Vibes.

COUNT KLASSY : “Well, I am a real Count of Russia, which is where I get my name from. As a queer rapper and artist, it’s been an interesting journey in trying to discover my own sound, and creating my own lane in the predominantly homophobic and misogynistic genre of hip hop. I’ve been ghostwriting for some Grammy-award winning talent, and thought it was about time to be in front of the camera, especially as a role model for the younger generations. We need more queer representation in media! With “Good Vibes”, I was lucky enough to team up with Canadian rap icon Choclair, to release the three and a half minute song which is all about taking a moment to relax, and enjoy the world around you. Whether you’re smoking a joint, or drinking your favourite liquor, it’s important to take time to slow down, and really appreciate that zest for life. That’s what the song is about.”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “How has the cannabis community responded?”

COUNT KLASSY : “The cannabis community has been incredibly supportive. Personally, I find the cannabis culture itself to be super accepting, and inclusive. I haven’t received any judgement or push-back from the community, and it’s been nothing but full embracement. Once the community had listened to “Good Vibes” they had immediately claimed it as a Cannabis industry anthem! I am completely humbled and I thank the cannabis community for bumping the track and smoking the good stuff alongside listening to it!”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “Tell us about your history with cannabis and your relationship with the plant? ”

COUNT KLASSY : “I have a very special relationship with cannabis as I was first introduced to the plant when I was 17 from my late, older cousin. Unfortunately, he had passed in 2019 and so every time I spark up, I feel a special bond with him. In a way, I feel connected to him. There’s something spiritual about smoking cannabis. It’s hard to explain to those who don’t smoke it, but it has allowed me to not only feel connected to his memory, but also explore the creative side of the plant. I write all my music while smoking the plant. In fact, I reference it in my song “Good Vibes” in which I talk about receiving a University honours degree, proudly smoking the plant and achieving my goals. I believe in ending the stigma behind smoking weed. It’s not just about lazy stoners on a couch.”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “How do you find cannabis audiences compared to other audiences?”

COUNT KLASSY : “They tend to be more supportive at the grass roots level. Sharing posts in various cannabis groups on social media, right down to promoting and purchasing my album. In fact, I do believe that “Good Vibes” is the stand out track from the album, and it’s been apparent when I see screenshots on social media of people smoking weed to my song. It’s a proud accomplishment and I really cannot thank the cannabis community enough for allowing me to share my music with them. The sub-culture of the cannabis community is fundamentally about love. The love for the plant, the love for sharing, the love we have for each other. Imagine being at a party where you don’t know many people. Naturally, I always look for the ones who smoke weed, as 99% of the time they become your first and closest bonds you create at any party. It’s a community of love.”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “How do you use cannabis? To relax, to assist with the creative process?”

COUNT KLASSY : “I tend to use cannabis whenever I can. I enjoy it to relax, but most importantly I use it to unlock this creative side that is hard to unlock when I’m not using it. If I’m randomly walking at a park, I will smoke a joint and before you know it, I have a killer melody that I can use for my own music or send it to labels as a ghostwriter. Or, I have lyrics and a flow that I just couldn’t get right a few minutes before. I firmly believe that it unlocks a sense of wonder, suppressed creativity, and deeply rooted philosophies, and ultimately just makes life that much more enjoyable, when trying to understand what life is.”

TRACY LAMOURIE : ” Indica or sativa?”

COUNT KLASSY : “For day to day use, I prefer a good 50/50 hybrid as I tend to like how I am able to control my high. If I want to go to sleep, I will choose indica for sure. If i’m in the studio recording, I will only smoke sativa.”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “Fave strain?”

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COUNT KLASSY : “I’ve been really into Cold Creek Kush lately. But a favourite go-to is definitely Trainwreck.”

TRACY LAMOURIE :Fave method of consumption?”

COUNT KLASSY :  “Joints for the most part. Blunts on special occasions or when I’m on tour/travelling. Lately I’ve been loving these lily petal blunt wraps by J’adore La Fleur. Super classy, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and the smoke has been some of the smoothest ever. I may never go back to regular blunt papers again! ”

TRACY LAMOURIE : “Where can canna fans find Count Klassy?”

COUNT KLASSY :  “Count Klassy on Instagram and Facebook…. for interviews or bookings they can get me through you at Lamourie Media! ”

TRACY LAMOURIE — “…. at!  Thanks so much for talking to us today !”

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