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This press release was written by our partners at Puff Digital. We’re very excited to be bringing you guys subscriptions again, new Skunk merchandise and continuing to bring you growing knowledge and content.

Legendary outlaw Skunk Magazine (“Skunk”) and Toronto based, global media brand Puff Digital (“Puff”) are celebrating the one year anniversary of their partnership, which expanded the reach and brought new audiences to Skunk’s already impressive legacy brand.  

This partnership has brought new and existing readers access to Skunk’s exclusive stories and daily content. Since the launch of an enhanced, traffic to the site has grown exponentially, reaching over 750,000 readers. Through this partnership, continues to cultivate cannabis culture by joining Puff Digital’s ecosystem including brands like Higher Mentality, Puff Puff Post, and the Into the Weeds podcast. With the newly elevated experience, fans can now subscribe to the digital magazine and access exclusive Skunk merchandise. Archival issues and print subscriptions are scheduled to be released early Q2, 2020.

“Skunk Magazine has a strong, loyal audience with new subscribers joining everyday. John and Julie [Co-Owners of Skunk] have dedicated over fifteen years to bringing high quality cannabis content to their readers. We are thrilled to provide Skunk fans with a new way to consume the content they love, while having access to additional content experiences via the Puff Network. Our vision is to serve a global cannabis audience through interesting, informative and entertaining content experiences. We are proud and humbled to have John, Julie and the Skunk team as part of the Puff family.” – Puff Digital’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Petch.

Skunk founder, John Vergados, shares his thoughts on the partnership, “We’ve always tried to bring the best information to our readers. Whether that was about growing cannabis, or legal weed, we did it out of passion. We’re excited about the next phase of growth and recognize to continue this legacy of work we have to reach people where they are… and while there’s nothing like the magazine, more often than not people are on their phones. The folks at Puff get our brand and are helping us reach our loyal audience and beyond.” 

About Skunk Magazine

Skunk Magazine is a multimedia publication that has been producing quality cannabis content for 15+ years. Covering the topics of how to grow, organics, permaculture, the leading-edge of technology, regenerative farming, top quality genetics, philanthropy, social activism, empowered consumerism, and sustainable business practices. We are a Global vendor alliance of innovative companies, change makers and thought leaders, standing in solidarity, protecting the type of cannabis culture that we want to see. We are in it for a renaissance in how we do business and how we work with our resources. Skunk has developed a loyal and passionate fan base that spans the globe.

About Puff Digital Inc (“Puff”).

Puff is a global media brand focused on the cannabis industry. The fastest growing cannabis-centric media network and a growing team of content creators means Puff is well positioned to help cannabis brands build and share their message. Led by seasoned executives from media, publishing, advertising, and cannabis, Puff is expanding globally. They’re a trusted partner to licensed producers, product manufacturers, governments, investors and cannabis consumers alike. 

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