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Making Hash from Cannabis the Easy Way– with Rev

Making Hash from Cannabis the Easy Way– with Rev

Now THAT'S a Hash Ball!

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Greetings Skunkers, and welcome everyone. There are some real hash masters out there around the big blue marble, I am not one of them; I’m your average Joe Blow hash maker. Full Melt hashish is really the apex of hash making, as far as purity of the extract is concerned; in my opinion. Making Full Melt hashish is not a ton harder than making regular pressed hashish; however, for many reasons I will lay out, I prefer (hand) pressed hashish, myself. Not to mention, making hash from cannabis is fairly simple, and your supplies to do it can be dirt cheap, and still work perfectly well; I’ll show ya. You don’t need any fancy hash-bags, or even high-tech nylon screens, dry ice and some nylon-type synthetic fabric, or even pantyhose/nylons work fairly well.

Full Melt hashish extraction can be fairly technical, or not, even just making hash from cannabis, using dry sifted trichomes—screening—can seem complicated. Trust me amigos, I’ll show you how to do it today in this article, fast and easy. I’ll even tell you how to get a version of full melt hash fast and easy using all the same tools. Full Melt hash is hard core deadly, yikes, and it’s a lot like smoking honey oil. It expands mightily in your lungs, and requires a concentrate-pen or a glass “Crack Pipe” to use properly, because A: it melts into a delicious bubbling plasma. And B: you don’t want to ever hit hash of any kind with a direct flame for longer than absolutely necessary.

This is So Simple Peeps

Don’t Use Pine Resin as a Coagulant to Keep Your Hash Together – No Need
Don’t Use Pine Resin as a Coagulant to Keep Your Hash Together – No Need

Let me show you guys how to make some fantastic hash from cannabis using dry ice and screening it. I make hand pressed hash, so think “Temple Balls” style here, and like the monks that make Temple Ball hash, I also just use my hands, no hash-press needed at all. You also don’t need any pine resin to hold it together, as long as you make it at the proper time, when it’s fresh and very close to dry. Sometimes, instead of pressing it I will make it into my infamous Hash-Chocolates, and I have done an article about that a while ago (see the link below). But for now, let’s make some hash from cannabis, Rev-style, the easy way, inexpensively—let’s do this thang

Stuff You Need to Make Hash from Cannabis the Easy Way
Stuff You Need to Make Hash from Cannabis the Easy Way

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What You Will Need to Make Hash from Cannabis Flowers

These items below are all very easy to get in pretty much any store like a Bi-Mart, or WallyWorld, or Freddy’s, Etc. A craft type store, like one that sells bulk fabric, is the only other place you will need to track down. Dry ice can be found in more places than you may think, so just have a look around. Even out here in Bumfuck, I have two places fairly close by to get it from by the pound.

  • A large tray; the actual act of sifting your hash will be messy to surrounding areas, a big tray works well, a shower curtain type thing also is recommended here, hash gets messy.
  • Parchment paper, or wax paper; I prefer parchment paper myself, but either one works fine.
  • Some synthetic fabric (about 4 square feet so you can make several screens); like nylon or something, that is semi-sheer in thickness—I’ll explain and show you in the video. OR, if you must, pantyhose/nylons work here as a screen too, just not my first choice.
  • A medium (I find ½ gallon size works best) cannister, metal preferably, to do the actual sifting/shaking in. The metal catalyzes the cold.
  • Gloves: 1 pair insulated, for handling dry ice and the shaker when shaking.
  • Rubber bands. For holding the fabric tight around the shaking canister at the top.
  • Dry ice; I use about 1 pound of dry ice per 3-foot plant, roughly speaking.

A Little More In-Depth; Making Hash from Cannabis—The Tools Above

Only Fill Your Shaker Can About One Third Full with Cannabis and Top with Dry Ice
Only Fill Your Shaker Can About One Third Full with Cannabis and Top with Dry Ice

You can use pantyhose fabric for sifting through. It’s not the best, and in order to use pantyhose effectively, you have to make sure, like I say in the video, that you bust up your dry ice really well. Those canisters (the shaker cans) are super cheap and easy to find in almost any store. Fabric/craft type stores are where I find my sifting fabric. Try and avoid touching the wax (or parchment) paper with your bare fingers. The oil from your skin will actually cause the hash to stick to everywhere you touched it. A few sizes of trays will serve you very well here, craft stores, or places like Big Lots can often have super good deals on trays.

To make the best hash from cannabis, like I said before, use very freshly dried herbs. Like a week before it would be dry enough to start curing, maybe 5 to 7 days before. The way I like to put it is, it’s almost dry enough to roll and smoke a doobie from some of it; very close. This ensures you get pretty much pure extract of trichomes and resin heads. The dryer your cannabis is, the more excess cannabis matter can get through with the pure trichomes. Still, it works fine and dandy if it’s dryer, just not as fine and dandy; ya follow?

I Often Have Seeded Buds Which Make Fantastic Hashish Making Leftovers
I Often Have Seeded Buds Which Make Fantastic Hashish Making Leftovers


Sparky Baybee

This method above used to make hash from cannabis is tried and true, and I have used it for many years, like around 20 years maybe. It has evolved over time, but stays super simple and highly rewarding. Highly! I have heard from many of you that don’t want the hassle of bubble-bags or getting screens with technical micron sizes. To make hash from cannabis flowers is much simpler than all that, and you will be stunned with the high quality of the finished product you get. To do full melt type hash, just use the cannabis about 10 days before it is dry enough to seal up. You will get less but it will be almost pure full melt. No crossword this week amigos, but I’ll put up a new puzzle next week—L8r G8rs.

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