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A Ton of Cannabis Compassion… Literally

A Ton of Cannabis Compassion… Literally

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Santa Barbara, Ca. (June 24, 2022)— PRO Farms, Almora, and Deibel Bioscience of California have teamed up to donate over $5 million worth of cannabis products to Sweetleaf Collective, a nonprofit assisting low-income patients in gaining access to medical cannabis. Affected groups include veterans, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as HIV and cancer patients. PRO Farms and Almora are set to donate over a ton (2,000 pounds) of state-tested and approved high-quality, California sun-grown cannabis. Deibel Bioscience of California has donated its testing services to the cause. According to Sweetleaf Collective founder “Sweetleaf” Joe, this is the largest cannabis donation for compassionate use in California history.

“With the growth of the retail cannabis industry and rising costs of regular goods such as groceries and gas, access to cannabis for low-income patients is harder than ever. We need corporate donations in addition to individual donations if we’re going to meet growing demand,” said “Sweetleaf’ Joe. “The donation will serve thousands of patients in California, including more than one thousand patients currently on the waiting list. If you’d like to help, Sweetleaf is accepting financial donations to help organize patients through PayPal as well as cryptocurrency.”

“We’re in business to grow great crops and do great things.  We’ve become a renowned, family-owned, California sun-grown cannabis farming company because of this and now we’re in partnership with Almora and SunSmoke which are fantastic, affordable, and compassionate brands with a variety of excellent products,” said Wil Crummer, CEO of PRO Farms.  “Meaningful, philanthropic donations are a foundational aspect of our overall company ethos and in collaboration with Sweetleaf Collective, we’re immensely proud to be donating so much high-quality cannabis to so many patients in such need,” Crummer concluded. “It just feels so right.”

Access to high-quality, cannabis is necessary for medical patients, which is why Deibel Bioscience of California is donating tens of thousands of dollars in testing services to ensure high product quality and standards are met. “Deibel Bioscience of California is a family-owned company committed to providing accurate, independent, and compliant testing; so we felt it was important to support and partner with this cause to ensure that patients receive the safest products possible,” said CT Deibel, CEO for Deibel Bioscience of California.

“The team at Almora couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this donation that is so desperately needed in our communities throughout California. We believe in radiating love through our products and our people, and we hope that love will find its way to the patients these products will serve,” said Kristen Everhart, Almora Brand Director.

Founded in 1996, Sweetleaf Collective is California’s oldest cannabis brand and registered nonprofit. Sweetleaf Collective helps patients access high-quality, tested medical cannabis products. These patients are often minorities, veterans and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as patients experiencing cancer, HIV, terminal illness, and PTSD. With the growth of the legal cannabis market and ballooning costs, the needs of low-income patients are greater than ever. Corporate donations are necessary to meet the needs of California patients. Corporate sponsors can get involved by visiting or emailing Individual donations can be made via PayPal on the Sweetleaf website as well as with cryptocurrency.

As one of the largest outdoor, sun grown cultivators in the world, we’re all in on utilizing the best of organic farming principles and practices at our family-owned and operated farms.  We’re extremely proud to say that with our patients and clients in mind, we’re committed to growing the finest medicinal and recreational cannabis available and helping outstanding, affordable brands like Almora and SunSmoke reach consumers. Where we live and grow in California, we celebrate the sun and the soil and we’re able to bring out the best in every strain we passionately cultivate.  We grow and harvest in accordance with the natural ebb and flow of the seasons and we produce a wide variety of extensively tested, graded, and fully compliant products. Through our organic growing practices, we strive to cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. We believe in giving back because we truly care about this planet and its inhabitants. To learn more about us, visit www.PROFarms.Farm or contact us at info@PROFarms.Farm.

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