Josef Airone

Sweetleaf Joe is the founder and Director of the Sweetleaf Collective. They have been helping low-income veterans, terminally ill patients, and POC access free medical cannabis for the past 25 years. In that time, Sweetleaf Joe has helped patients access over $5 million worth of free medical cannabis.

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Medical Cannabis Assortment
Compassion 1.0, an Introduction to Compassionate Cannabis and the Compassionate use of Cannabis

The Compassionate use of medical cannabis is the foundation of the entire cannabis industry. Compassionate…

A Ton of Cannabis Compassion… Literally

Santa Barbara, Ca. (June 24, 2022)— PRO Farms, Almora, and Deibel Bioscience of California have…

Sweetleaf’s 25th Anniversary: The Largest Compassionate Cannabis Giveaway Ever

Compassionate Holiday Giveaway; Together We Can Save Lives by Josef Airone Sweetleaf’s 25th Anniversary The…