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Tune Up and Tune In! How the Vibrational Frequencies of Cannabis Keep Us In-Tune with Our Higher Self

Tune Up and Tune In! How the Vibrational Frequencies of Cannabis Keep Us In-Tune with Our Higher Self


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Have you ever pondered how and why cannabis has an effect on you, be it positive or negative? Have you ever contemplated why certain strains hit you in all the right places, while other strains cut you down and drop you to your knees, begging for mercy? As one whose life revolves around raising my conscious awareness of vibrations, and how they affect myself and those around me, I have often tried to calculate the formula for what makes cannabis such a positive force for good in my life personally. Just where do these higher vibes come from anyway?

During my years as a professional touring musician and recording artist, I always wondered why I felt so akin to the blistering force of heavy metal music, while also enjoying classical guitar and Beethoven. At the same time, I was almost repulsed by the sounds of opera singing or country and western music, yet I found that these styles resonated with so many of my close friends, family, and people that I connected closely with on a deeper level. All of this led me on a journey to understand the inner workings of music, sound, and vibrations, and how different frequencies, tones, timbre, and cadence all lend themselves to our own individual inner unfoldment.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Vibration is one of the most primal sensory elements that has helped us develop our concept of our environment and the world around us. We have distinguished the many different vibrational impulses we’ve experienced daily from the very moment we were born. From the first second that we felt the lungs fill up with air, the beating of the heart, the pumping of our blood, and the twists and turns of our limbs and organs, every aspect of our lives has been literally born of vibration.

“Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations, indeed knows all things.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Photo Credit: Scott Von Heldt

Indian music legend and Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan said “All existing things we see or hear, which we perceive, vibrate. If it were not for vibration, the precious stones would not show us their color and their brilliance; it is vibration that makes the trees grow, the fruit ripen, and the flowers bloom. Our existence is also according to the law of vibrations, not only the existence of our physical body but also of our thoughts and feelings. If it were not for vibrations, drugs and herbs would not have any effect on us.”
Looking at life from this perspective, one is quick to realize that the very reason that cannabis has an effect upon us is due to its vibrational properties and furthermore its ability to raise or lower our own vibrational level to one of harmony and balance. We sometimes refer to the act of imbibing cannabis as toking up, but in reality, what we are actually doing is tuning up! We are fine-tuning our body chemistry to dial into the perfect balance of health and well-being. Our body gets knocked out of tune all day by the many frequencies of stress and chaos around us all the time, and just as you can re-tune the body to its natural state of wellness through the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, etc., one can tune themselves with the use of cannabis, herbs, and other higher-vibratory plant medicines as well.

All vibration carries within it a specific resonant frequency and, although not all necessarily audible, they are detectable in the way we feel in or out of tune. Each energy center, each organ, and every aspect of our being is finely tuned to a specific frequency that is “in tune” with the harmony of our body, mind, and spirit, and its place within the collective symphony of our Universe. We all have our own unique note to offer in this Universal Symphony and it’s important that we keep that note, that frequency or vibrational pattern, in a balanced and harmonious state.

This unique “note” that we each carry within us also accounts for why we are each individually drawn to specific cannabis strains or phenotypes. If you were perhaps a hyperactive Ritalin child like I was, then you too may find that you already vibrate at a very high rate and that a strain high in Indica dominant terpenes or deep rich purple flora provide a more balanced and “in tune” feeling throughout your day. Whereas a straight sativa terp blend could just overstimulate the mind and cause anxiety or a feeling of mental overload. Each individual has to listen closely to what their own personal experience is telling them, of course, but for me personally, I end up putting the cereal box in the fridge, forgetting what I’m doing, and experiencing a whole vast array of other backward brain activities when I get into the sativa-dominant strains. This also illustrates how each cultivar vibrates at its own frequency as well and further validates the incredibly vast ocean of benefits that can be derived from understanding specific strain profiles and how their blend of terpenes and cannabinoids help us to balance our mind, body, and spirit.

Although there is absolutely no substitute for discipline in our diet, meditation, breath work, or exercise, when it comes to addressing our major physical and mental afflictions, one can certainly gain a quicker sense of harmony and balance from the use of specific terpenes and cannabinoids that can re-tune us to our natural state of wholeness and at-onement with our higher selves. By better understanding the vibe and frequency of our own individual note we can best serve the needs of our body and soul, but more importantly, aid ourselves in fulfilling our life’s purpose with harmony and balance.

Photos Credit: Scott Von Heldt

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself” – Bob Marley

When we “tune-up” we actually tune in to the natural and harmonious foundations of our inner self. Why do we wanna “get high” in the first place? Is it to lift ourselves up out of a mental funk, or a physical ailment, or is it to raise our frequency of thought to a higher state of conscious presence and awareness? Many of us never think to ask ourselves these questions, but when we do, we start to understand what the true benefits of cannabis can look like for you in your life.

One who suffers from chronic stomach or back pain that finds the right terpene and cannabinoid combination to treat their pain and discomfort now feels a higher sense of joy and mental clarity & begins to realize how many other areas of their lives have been affected by the grip of pain they are now released from. Similarly, one who uses cannabis to free themself of mental anxieties and anguish may now see with deeper insights into what negative patterns they have allowed themselves to spiral down in life and how to reverse the tempo of these unhealthy rhythms they have been so blindly marching to.

By fully understanding where and why you derive benefit from the use of plant medicines and herbs like cannabis you can take full control of your life in a way that brings everything back into alignment with your life’s purpose and the true resounding presence of your own note in the symphony of the Universe.

Scott “SVH” Von Heldt is a lifelong professional musician, author, spiritual guide, and cannabis entrepreneur. He has toured the world and recorded with members of KoRn, White Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Cirque du Soleil, and many more! In 2008 SVH released his first book, Mind Over Metal: The Musician’s Guide to Mental Mastery, and has served as a longtime staff writer for many music publications and worldwide guitar enthusiast sites. He has built multiple world-class sales organizations in the legal cannabis space and is currently the CEO of Higher Vibes Solutions, an independent consulting firm representing top artists, cultivators, and brands in multiple states. Featured celebrity clients include members of System of a Down, Deftones, Slipknot, Cypress Hill, Too $hort, and more! SVH also teaches classes on Sufi Mysticism in Los Angeles and continues to write, record, and produce music at his studio in North Hollywood.

Follow on the internet:,,, @highervibesvh, & @highervibessolutions

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