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Strain Name: Supreme Gelato

Strain Name: Supreme Gelato


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Strain Name: Supreme Gelato.

Breeder: Marty hand pollinates dominant males with dominant females every year.

Height: Approx 9 feet in a 6×6″ raised planter bed.

Weight (yield): Approx 5 lbs.

Flowering time in days: Sungrown season.

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Indica dominant hybrid.

Taste (burned and unburned): Gassy on the front end but smooth finish.

Scent: Gassy, sweet, earthy, skunky funk Terpenes (top 3) beta- caryophellene, limonene, alpha-bisabolol.

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Sticky tight med-sized nugs, needs a grinder.

Speed of high onset: Immediate.

Duration of high: Long lasting, may need a nap.

Quality/type of high: Heavy duty.

Medicinal qualities: Pain relief, calming antidepressant, sedative.


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Prior to moving to California, Marty worked at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens located in Miami, Florida. He was employed in the seed department there & was easily able to transfer his knowledge of hand pollination techniques & breeds for potency.

Supreme seeds from Cannabis Culture magazine in 2000 (Super skunk #1 x northern lights #4) x Church seeds from B-Real / Cypress Hill in 2007 (Bubba Kush x OG Kush) x Jet Fuel Gelato seeds from Compound Genetics 2020

Supreme has been the baseline of cultivars at Martyjuana for 20 years. In our very 1st year as medical patients in California our friend & mentor, Mark Chapman, shared 15 Supreme plants with us grown from seeds he ordered out from Cannabis Culture magazine and sent from Canada. One of them was male & that was the beginning of the road for our cannabis breeding project.
The Church seeds were gifted by a confidential LA source whose warehouses stored rock band equipment, including at the time Melissa Etheridge, Guns & Roses & Cypress Hill, among others. Smoking the Church blew us away, this indica-heavy cross was the best high we’d had since encountering the Supreme.

At a seed swap in 2020, Marty lucked into Jet Fuel Gelato as well as Blueberry Octane seeds from Compound Genetics. Both quickly became house favorites!! Bred originally for indoor rooms, but they showed their versatility & strength in our sungrown garden. And their potent fire can be felt immediately while smoking in our glass bowl. Tall sturdy plants & big sticky stinky buds, those guys are creating powerful hybrid genetics.

We were able to cross a Supreme Church male into Jet Fuel Gelato females for these Supreme Gelato funky flowers.

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