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Stepping High Festival: A Cultural Experience

Stepping High Festival: A Cultural Experience

Stepping high festival

Stepping High Festival: A Cultural ExperienceJamaica’s first and longest running music and ganja festival is around the corner. The stepping High Festival is reaching its 16th Annual event held in Negril,Jamaica known for its miles of sandy beaches and turquoise waters.The Stepping High Festival is a “High” energy movement, gathering likeminded people from around the globe. People have traveled from areas such as North America, Germany, France, Israel, Africa, and Japan to share the holistic mind, body, & soul experience the event has to offer. The Stepping High is guided by a ‘high’ philosophy; used to motivate people to higher levels of thinking and being. It is founded on the ideal of family, friendship, community and love. The event’s name, ‘Stepping High,’ not only stands for the reaction to THC, it is also meant to ignite an elevated sense of thought, geared towards spiritual, emotional and economic growth.The event was initiated in 2004 by a Jamaican family, in the resort of Negril but since then, has blossomed into a social enterprise which benefits the entire community in its process growth. The fact that Stepping High Festival is the leading ganja event in Jamaica and the Caribbean; it has, to a great extent, stimulated expansion of offerings in the cannabis business. The Family strives to develop an authentic Jamaican ganja event that positions Jamaica as a top destination for people in the international cannabis community. The future of cannabis in Jamaica is on the rise and the Stepping High Festival has maintained steady organic growth throughout the years. Its growth pattern predicts it being one of the largest health and wellness events in the Americas through its effort to encourage sustainable economic development. Stepping High presents an opportunity for individuals and companies to learn about the benefits and varying strains of ganja, to build their brands, to display and sell their products and services in a trade show offered at the festival (in accordance with Jamaican laws ) and to grow and promote the ganja community. The opportunity also offers benefits long after the event is staged, through the networks that are developed.This year the Stepping High Festival will be showcasing the four segments: Entertainment, Education, Experiential, and Exhibition. In Entertainment Stepping High places high value on music, as it is seen as an expression of beliefs, experiences and culture. Therefore, every artiste that performs at the Stepping High is carefully selected with rhythms that bring a positive and uplifting message. Stepping High is a melting pot of musical talent, featuring Rastafarian music, and reggae from Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of the world –a unique cultural experience. While the festival features well-known artistes, it also gives exposure to the music of young and sometimes less known high quality talents.Stepping High is more than a ganja festival and musical extravaganza;it seeks to create a place, where Rastafari culture, as well as those of other cultures, can come together in harmony, “unity” and love.Patrons will get an understanding and appreciation of Rastafari, Jamaican and Caribbean culture through the food, arts, crafts, music and most importantly, the herbs. The festival also provides an open forum where stimulating and thought provoking issues are discussed, in an effort to create harmony among the various cultures, ethnicities and beliefs systems.Stepping High showcases some of the most potent strains of Jamaican, ital grown ganja, and other natural healing herbs. The ganja and herbs exhibition promotes naturally grown herbs using the ital standard that is, fit for Rastafari consumption grown without the use of chemicals or animal excrements. Farmers are encouraged to preserve and grow non GMO plants, whether it is herbs or other food produce. Stepping High believes that sticking to the authentic and indigenous strains of plants will connect people to the power of nature and contribute to good health and longevity. Other exhibitions include: ganja by-products, literature, handmade arts, local cuisine, clothing, jewelry and much more –all made in Jamaica! For 11 years, Stepping High Festival was an underground event, staged at the promoter’s private residence in West End, Negril. With the decriminalization of ganja in 2015, the event was able to advertise publicly creating quite the buzz. The Festival will roll out, under the experiential concept, a recreation of the underground experience. It will feature Rastafarian Mansions Tent, Space Station,and Healing Cafe located within a zoned off section of the event. This area caters to attendees who wish to indulge in the sacramental usage.

All in all, the Stepping High Festival is proven to be the ultimate festival to experience the rich culture of Jamaica facilitating Health , Wellness, Reggae Music, Heritage, Agriculture, and Social Entrepreneurship . The two day event will take place in two different locations not far apart. Day 1 (March1st, 2019) of the festival will take place at the original Stepping High grounds inWest End,for the underground experience where it all began!Day 2 (March 2nd, 2019) will be hosted on the beautiful sand Shore of Cayenne Beach for the Stepping high Into the Light edition for this year’s Annual Theme “ BE FREE”.It is said that if there is enough attraction abroad the event will even live stream broadcast through, endorsed by the Trademarked Hempfest itself! Now if that doesn’t make you even more curious about attending, I don’t know what will. Jamaica is known World Wide for famous Rastafari’s who have promoted marijuana use making it the ideal hotspot for tourist attraction. The SteppingHigh Festival is encompassing it all the event website shares more information for artists, speakers, presenters, and people who would like to participate. You will also find great ticket packages for event access and lodging .You Better hurry if you’re planning to travel for this year’s event, spots fill up fast!

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